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   Chapter 215 Encounter With An Old Classmate (2)

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Maybe it was because that woman was too thin. Consuela didn't know what she had experienced after she got married.

Resting her chin on her hand, Consuela observed the few words they had uttered. All of a sudden, her brother said, "I'm going back to the company now. Just stay here and have a good rest. I'll leave the rest to your friend."

However, to his surprise, it was not like what he thought. She said, "She is not my friend."

Her brother seemed to feel a little helpless. "Sister, forget it, brother-in-law won't come even if I don't mention you?"

"No, he is on his way here. You can go back to the company first." She closed her eyes to hide the sadness in her eyes. She clenched her teeth, trying not to cry.

The man she had been thinking of all these years, in his eyes was only Consuela. Once he had left abruptly when they got married, leaving the woman at the backstage turned pale with fury.

Her father was so angry that he raised his hand and slapped her. He scolded her loudly that she could not bind a man's heart. How could she be so shameless to ask for a marriage?

At that time, Adriana stood up straight with her eyes red. She didn't say a word, and her eyes were full of grievance and eyelashes covered her eyes, no one could see it any more.

Love was not easy to be tied up. How could she lose her favor for so many years?

Failing to win his heart, she had to make a choice to gain his body. As long as he was with her, that was all.

She didn't want anyone else to know about her awkward situation.

After she got the bridegroom back, they began to talk, which made her feel depressed. She could not forget the humiliation and the swollen slap mark on her face.

After Adriana's brother left, Consuela walked up to the bed and asked, "What do you want from me?"

"Don't say anything. Just sit here and accompany me." Adriana said in a hoarse voice and looked frustrated.

Consuela drew a chair out and sat

take, so she chose to remain silent.

The man answered a phone call. He smiled and said, "Sorry, there is an emergency in the company. I have to go now."

Adriana knew clearly that it was not because Terence didn't want to get along with her this time that he made up such a special phone call. It was hard to detect that something was wrong. Then he left after a while.

But now, the woman that the man wanted to approach most was sitting here. He really had no reason to find another excuse to leave.

After Terence left, Adriana suddenly became very angry. Her tone was no longer lofty as usual. She just said with tiredness, "Just go out and close the door for me later."

Then she pulled the quilt to tuck herself in. In a natural way, Consuela bit her lower lip, picked up the heat preservation pot and left silently.

After returning to the ward, the water in the thermos flask was mostly cold. Noticing the clumsy look on Debbie's face as she rolled her eyes, Consuela asked with a smile, "What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

"No, I'm just curious why it took so long for you to get hot water?" After a short pause, Debbie said, "Well, I will support you no matter what you do."

Debbie raised her eyebrows and began to talk like a joke and was unable to fall asleep.

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