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   Chapter 213 A Car Accident (2)

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The curtains in the ward were shut with the help of the wind. Consuela slowly shifted her gaze to the woman lying in the bed. The woman's face was unusually pale, but the look in her eyes was peaceful.

Why was there a car accident?

Without time for her to think, the woman in the ward was able to speak out a simple word "Baron", which shocked the other two people in the ward.

Raising her eyebrows, Consuela asked in a low voice, "Are you sure you didn't mistake the name?"

It was not because she doubted her personal charisma. It was because both of them had the same good tradition, forgetting friends when meeting a handsome man.

So how could Debbie call her name at such a critical moment!

Sitting on a side sofa, Baron, with a leisurely posture, naturally heard what Debbie had called out, a faint light flashed at the bottom of his eyes, but too fast to be caught.

Baron stood up and walked towards the bed. He lowered his head and looked at Consuela silently. Consuela understood his intention immediately. She quickly moved away and waited for Baron to come over to her.

There was no doubt that he was a very gentle man, bowing his head and whispering something vague with Debbie, and then pouring water carefully into a cup.

When the woman failed to drink and poured out the water, he did not seem to feel sick. He took a paper towel from the table and wiped the water carefully. There was no sign of impatience on his face.

Such a quiet show of love made Consuela unable to bear watching.

Consuela took the thermos pot. The sound of moving the chair made Baron look at her. He frowned slightly as if he was a little unhappy.

The two of them looked at each other. Not knowing what to say, Consuela shook the hot pot in front of her and said in a low voice, "I'll go get some hot water."

In fact, the ward was fully equipped, and it wasn't necessary for Consuela to get out to do anything.

However, after hearing the explanation, Baron lowered his head, thought for a while, and then nodded in response, "okay."

When she wal

nd saw Debbie standing not far away with a bunch of keys in her hand and looking fierce, he refused her politely.

The female star, who came to accost him, left at a fast speed, leaving only one sentence, "I'm not going to bother you. Have a good time."

He slightly shook his head and looked at Debbie. His eyes were misty and gleaming. The night was dark, and his originally clear eyes were filled with gloom.

"It's not my fault. You are not charming enough." She shrugged to show her cooperation.

The man walked over and took off his coat. With a strong smell of alcohol in his breath, he said, "If she is not reliable, why didn't you tell me?"

There was a gleam in his eyes, making him look like she wanted to sink into him.

Debbie tried to draw her eyes away from the man. She opened the door and sat on the driver's seat. After she fastened her seat belt, the man opened the door beside the passenger's seat. He looked terrible.

"If you want to throw up, you'd better get off the car now. Although the car is not mine, I don't like the smell of sour flavor."

"Nothing. Don't worry. Just drive." With hands fastened on the seat belt, Baron smiled like a child, and all the unhappiness suddenly disappeared.

Debbie started the car and pursed her lips. Who worried about him? Wasn't this man too pretentious?

Obviously, she was worried about the car.

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