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   Chapter 212 A Car Accident (1)

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While her mind was racing wildly, Miranda looked rather sincere.

Consuela rolled her eyes at the girl. She wasn't a person who would lose her temper easily. As the time went by, the girl became more and more arrogant.

"Shut up."

Miranda opened her mouth wide and her clean eyes were open. Countless words wanted to say in her heart, but she finally listened to Consuela and didn't say anything.

Sometimes people's attitudes could let others know a lot of things, and she should have gotten what she wanted to know.

Consuela had no choice but to step up the stairs. After walking into the bedroom, feeling bored, she opened the closet again, sorted out her clothes, and then folded them.

She was like she had gotten some kind of paranoia.

Suddenly, Consuela realized that whenever she was frustrated or forced to do something, she would immediately start to fold the clothes.

She had to relieve her stress in middle school by using the toilet. Fifteen minutes before the college entrance examination, she was in a cold sweat in the toilet. She was nervous and confused.

As she was indulging in her wild flights of fancy, her messy clothes were folded up again. She stopped halfway and stretched out her right hand, wanting to call Richie again.

She picked up her phone and prepared to make a call or send a message, to remind him clearly that six months was approaching, he should fulfill his promise.

It was not that she still couldn't believe what the man said, she was just worried that there would be something he couldn't put off at that time.

However, as soon as she found Richie's phone number, a message popped up. She was so shocked that she almost forgot how to breathe.

In the car, Consuela said with a grim face, "can you speed up again?"

"Mrs. Richie, I'm driving more quickly than the fixed speed on the road." He would be dismissed if he broke the rules.

Consuela raised her hand and rolled down the car window. The wind blew in, making her cool down.

The car was running so fast that she couldn't see anything clearly without squinting.

from the nurse, he signed a contract with Consuela. He didn't even look at the doctor, giving off a sense of trust.

Before Debbie fainted, the woman had been calling out the name of Consuela, which made everyone think that Consuela was one of her family members.

Only he felt that Consuela had owed her money. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so eager to think about the name.

Except that it sounded healthy, no other words could make him feel more relaxed.

Consuela didn't know what he was going to do. She just followed the doctor to the bed. On the bed lay Debbie whose face was pale.

When she walked into the ward, she heard someone say behind her, "Sir, your arm is badly injured. You'd better bandage it and take an X-ray later."

"Thank you, but I don't need it," said Baron indifferently.

"But sir, you are in danger now."

"I know my own health condition."

A second before Consuela stepped into the ward, Baron's last words jumped into her ears, inexplicably familiar.

When she came here just now, she saw his bloody sleeve. Was it really his own blood?

When she recalled what had happened, her head ached terribly. Her throat was dry and itchy, and she couldn't open her eyes, so she could mutter a word.

Sitting next to the bed, Consuela picked up a glass of water and a cotton swab from the nightstand. She wetted Debbie's lips with the cotton swab.

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