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   Chapter 211 Not Always In A Good Mood (2)

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"After all, we grew up together. You'd better think about my advice. Don't waste with money."

The smile at the corners of his mouth was as cunning as a fox, which didn't match his expression at the moment, but was exactly what he was trying to say.

On the other side of the phone, Laura's face was covered with a wonderful color, which was mixed with green, white and red.

She put on a fake smile and said, "Thank you for your suggestion."

"You're welcome. It's my pleasure to do so," Richie replied politely without thinking twice

After a moment of awkward silence, he asked, "By the way, what are you calling for?"

"It's not a big deal. Go ahead with your work. I'm not going to disturb you in your precious time," said Laura indifferently, keeping her mouth shut.

The sobbing tone disappeared. Maybe she was laughing, but gnashed her teeth and cursed him on the phone that he would have a bad death.

Without saying anything, Richie hung up the phone directly. Then he sat on the chair and closed his eyes for a rest. Afterwards, he threw himself back to his work again.

However, holding back her anger, Laura smashed her phone heavily. Her chest heaved violently with anger.

Recently, the Li Group's stocks were bought at a low price by the outsiders. It was not a big deal, but her father, that cunning fox, had been always in fear.

Because last time when the smuggling of Wang Group was found out, Richie just sent someone to warn them. They looked friendly on the surface, and the cooperation didn't end, but the scale of the cooperation was not small.

Her father had been in fear all the time, which made Laura want to call Richie to ask him to take his revenge earlier.

She was lost in various fancies and conjectures when someone knocked on the door. Her newly hired assistant reminded her in a low voice, "Miss Laura, it's time for the audition."

Laura answered impatiently, "I see. Come in quickly and help me fix my makeup."

Although she was pi

ve so many people watching me?"

But there was no reply from the other end of the line. A long time had passed, and Consuela thought that the phone had been hung up. But to her surprise, the caller's name was still on the screen.

Then he sighed and said helplessly, "It's your business to go wherever you want, but it's my business to arrange bodyguards to protect you.

Consuela, don't be too greedy. I'll only quit here."

As Consuela was shocked, Richie leaned on the speaker and whispered, "I miss you so much all of a sudden."

Consuela was stunned. When she came back to her senses, the phone had already been hung up. She then called Richie again, but his line was busy.

But she was amused by the man easily.

When she was about to lift the corner of her mouth up, Miranda, who followed her three meters away, said, "Mrs. Richie, you are finally happy. Did you talk with Mr. Richie on the phone?"

Consuela pursed her lips. She didn't want to answer a question like this, so she had tried her best to keep the voice low when she answered the phone. Now Miranda asked openly, but she really didn't want to answer.

"Mrs. Richie, please don't worry. I won't tell anyone." She would report it to Nancy later and reassure them.

There was a smile in Mrs. Richie's eyes. She must be cheered up by Mr. Richie.

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