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   Chapter 210 Not Always In A Good Mood (1)

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After they reconciled with each other, they began to recover.

She didn't greet him in such a respectful way, but occasionally she acted out of line. Since he decided not to touch her last time, Richie had been holding it back.

Consuela acquiesced in what he did, because she really felt that her body was no longer fit and her face was plumper now.

What else had bothered him?

Since she had nothing to do in the villa, everyone else paid close attention to her, as if she would take out an action phone to report to him whenever there was something wrong.

Consuela felt really annoyed. Had they already gotten along well with each other in such a situation?

She thought for a long time, but still found they didn't seem to get along well with each other. He had imprisoned her for so long, first the marriage, then the job, and now her life.

Or later, it might be the child.

Staying alone with herself made her have blind and disorderly conjectures. She tried to guess what she wanted to say, but in the end, she chose to keep silent.

Standing behind the woman, Miranda could only see her action of shaking her head and her stiff back. She faintly looked at the other side.

It was unusual for Mrs. Richie to be in a trance like this. Should she call Mr. Richie to report this?

Consuela stood up, walked over the garden that was shrouded in transparent glass, and asked with a smile, "Did he say that how long you should keep watch on me?"

When she asked this question, she was looking down and gently sniffing a rose. The exceedingly fascinating and charming look in her eyes flashed again when she stood up.

Embarrassed and shy, Miranda lowered her head and didn't want to tell him.

"Can't you tell me?" Consuela smiled, but the smile on her face didn't reach her eyes.

At this moment, she finally realized that man could always deceive her with gentle words and hit her hard in the back.

He became so desperate that she only felt terrible.

"Why are you putting on a long face? I won't eat you u

th his fingers and slowly stretched one of his long legs. He looked up and smiled kindly, "I heard that Miss Laura is looking forward to the development of the entertainment industry recently?"

"I didn't expect you to keep an eye on me," after a short pause, Laura replied, as if she was talking with an old friend.

Her soft and seductive voice was so attractive that everybody who heard it would feel as if their bones were half soft. At the same time, she wore a smile, as if she was deliberately seducing him.

"You have spent a lot of money to buy all kinds of headlines to increase the exposure. It's difficult for me not to find out." "But your poor acting skill doesn't help you. On the contrary, you have to pay for the role." Richie stopped knocking on the table, and turned the point.

Laura was waiting for him to say something good. She gritted her teeth and tried to calm down. However, she couldn't pretend to be calm.

"Richie, I..."

"Miss Laura, don't be so intimate with me. My wife will be jealous. Recently, she has become more and more arrogant. Be careful that she may come to kill you."

The other end of the phone was speechless. With her beautiful eyes open, Laura racked her brains and did not know how to continue the conversation.

"Tell my secretary everything you want to say. I'm not in a good mood every time."

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