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   Chapter 209 Bully Him Back

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The man looked at her, his eyes red. His gaze was aggressive. Consuela unwillingly shook her head as he walked towards her.

He was such a vengeful man. How could he wrong himself?

When he was in a business competition, those who offended him would be seriously punished. In the real wealthy family, the cold blood flew through his body.

The man raised his hand to touch his chin and said, "What bad words are you talking about me in your heart again?"

"No, No. I'm thinking how to make it up to you." Consuela said with a mocking smile on her face.

After taking a few glances at her, Richie suddenly bent down and leaned his head on her shoulder. He smiled and reminded her, "Don't look up at me if you are thinking something in the future. You can't hide it in your eyes."

Her face could control all kinds of emotions, which were very simple. However, there were too many thoughts hidden in her eyes, which could be understood at a glance.

Consuela was rendered speechless

The man let out a loud laugh. The smell of tobacco from him was so strong that it billowed in the air like she was soaked in a nicotine. Consuela couldn't stand it anymore.

"You like to smoke when you are in a bad mood, but I advise you to smoke less in the future. It is not good for your health to smoke too much."

Consuela recalled the message that Baron had sent to her a moment ago. Knitting her brows, she said in a caring tone.

However, with an expression showing that obviously feeling comfortable, Richie slightly turned his head and blew hot air into her earlobe, laughing with his chest trembling slightly, and made a muffled sound.

Richie said, "It's not easy for me to wait for you to care about me."

Biting her lower lip, Consuela went silent for a while. Then her head began racing. What else could she say

re he could utter a word, the man had already eaten all of them.

She could even see the dark color in his eyes and the wicked smile on his face.

The moonlight was shining on the stage, and it was amazing.

Noticing the puzzled look in her eyes, Richie slightly furrowed his eyebrows. Then he used his lips to block the light from her eyes. As soon as his lips touched her eye skin, he asked her to close her eyes cooperatively.

She could hear clearly the man's laughter. The suppressed thin breath made her blush.

Startled, Consuela immediately withdrew her hands, put them behind her back, and began moving backward as fast as she could, escaping from the man's reach.

She turned her face away so that he would not see her ugly face. She explained haltingly, "Sorry, you are burning all over. I didn't...I didn't feel it."

When she finally convinced herself to turn around and see the fun face, she was startled by his evil eyes. She quickly lowered her head and apologized more sincerely.

Richie took a deep breath and glared at her, but he wasn't harsh. On the contrary, his stare was full of affection, making her unable to control it.

"I'll let you pay double for what you've done to me."

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