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   Chapter 208 Another Emotional Quarrel(2)

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Consuela admitted that she had become much more unreasonable than before.

The man was so angry, how could she ask him to company her home for dinner and pretend to be nice.

She raised her hand and almost messed up her hair. Looking up at the stairs in a loss, she pressed her lips and didn't know if she should go up and apologize.

After all, she was pregnant now. If she sincerely apologized to him, perhaps the situation would be much better.

Of course, this was just her wishful thinking. If that person insisted on starting a cold war with her, she could not change this situation.

When she leaned on the sofa and lost in thought, a familiar voice suddenly came from behind, and it was a sigh of disappointment.

"Mrs. Richie, you have no idea how much Mr. Richie worried about you. Almost everyone in the villa could feel the low pressure."

"I'm sorry."

Consuela lowered her head and looked at Nancy's legs. Her attitude was sincere and courteous.

"Mrs. Richie, please forgive me for my rude words. No matter who is to blame for this matter, the other should take the blame for it. You should know Mr. Richie's temper."

The obvious implication made her lowered her head, say something that was not a big deal, and even wear a flattering smile, no matter what harsh words that that person would say.

The lights of the villa seemed to have been turned on a little too many. Keeping her head down, Consuela still felt the lights were harsh, making her nose twitch in pain.

She always kept her head down so that no one could see the flame in her eyes. She controlled her voice in a perfect way that no one would notice her gaffes. "Thank you for Nancy's advice. I know what to do."

Nancy didn't know whether Consuela understood what she said, but she didn't think she had the right to talk about it. She looked at Consuela who lowered her head as if nothing had happened, and then walked away.

"Mrs. Richie, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

There was helplessness in her hoarse voice. Although she didn't watch Richie

seemed a little scared. She took a deep breath in the bottom of her heart and made herself feel comfortable. Then she opened the door of the master bedroom boldly.

She was so frightened that she closed her eyes and raised her voice, "I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have been so unreasonable and clung to something. I..."

Halfway through, she looked up at the empty room, stunned for three seconds, and found nobody.

Her pretty face flushed and then pretended as if nothing had happened, trying to leave.


Suddenly, she heard the man's magnetic lazy voice behind her, with a certain smile, "How come you are like a primary school student?"

She apologized seriously with her head lowered to 90 degree just now, which shocked the man who was smoking in the balcony till the bright extinguished light rushed to his fingers

The scorching pain made him call out to stop the woman who suddenly became shy.

Consuela raised her head and watched the man make his way through the thick curtain. A murderous glint flashed through her eyes

She could do nothing but stared at him as if he was a monster.

She didn't know whether this man, who seemed to be unhappy, would be in a better mood.

Taking a step to the woman, Richie raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, "Do you think that an apology will make me not mention anything?"

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