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   Chapter 207 Another Emotional Quarrel (1)

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Johnson buttoned her collar and said gently, "Go back to the room early. I'm leaving now."

He was as gentle as the moonlight. She was envious of her.

Consuela thought that a pregnant woman should be more considerate. But her father just talked with her for a while and then left.

"Mom, don't talk about it to Dad. He's a man of ambition, and he's not good tempered."

"You know he has a bad temper." The smile on Linda's face disappeared. She was still charming, with unique temperament. It seemed that time hadn't left its trace on her face when she was wearing a cold face.

Only when she was smiling, there were some wrinkles on the corner of her eyes occasionally.

"Mom, just trust me once. When he comes back a few days later, I'll bring him here immediately and let you bully him."

In order to make her mother happy, Consuela had lied to Linda against her conscience. How could she even take Richie along to be bullied? Couldn't she be worried about the survival of the Xia Clan?

But she still pretended to be sincere in order to make her mother believe her. She blinked her crescent eyes, making it hard for her to reject.

"You got me. Let's go back. It's cold at night." Linda was helpless.

'Well, you are still wearing a coat.'

Upon hearing her, Consuela paused her movement. The corners of her mouth twitched. She looked helpless.

After dinner, Harry left with Sheryl. It seemed that there was something wrong with their work. Hearing the news, Consuela heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Luckily, she didn't have to face that man because she would be given another round of embarrassment.

However, Johnson and Linda seemed to feel sorry for Consuela, which made Consuela nervous. In the end, she was sent to a place where she could take a taxi by the driver, and then used some excuses to drive the driver away.

She knew that the driver must have told her parents where she stopped. Right now, she still didn't want to let them know where Richie's villa was.

Consuela got in a taxi wi

nable to answer most of them.

It was the same this time.

She didn't have the ability to make him believe her unconditionally, because the person who asked such a question had already judged her incredibility from the bottom of his heart.

But she felt somehow sad.

When she spoke, she realized how hoarse her voice was, just like the water in summer moisturizing, the drought fields in the north.

"Are you worrying about the baby or me?"

She knew what she should say at this time to arouse a quarrel and make herself reasonable.

Although she had been well behaved at the beginning, she felt a little guilty unconsciously in the presence of more imposing aura, as if she had really planned on not coming back.

Consuela didn't budge a little. She knew what she was thinking, but she just couldn't fly as her wings were not yet full. She couldn't escape from Richie's control.

So, this idea was just in the bud.

After all, she didn't have an assistant to help her. According to what Debbie said, she was the peacock who looked free, but with a dark chain around her neck.

"That's great. It's all about the child."

Richie let go of his hands and smiled. His voice was as cold as the snow in winter, which made his face hurt.

After saying that, he began to leave, Consuela leaned against the sofa to keep herself steady.

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