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   Chapter 206 The Dark Faced Harry (2)

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Every dog has its day. This should be it.

The TV was still on in the living room. When Harry pushed the fruit platter away, Consuela was startled. She didn't want to talk to him anymore. She had just thrown an olive branch towards him, but the man wasn't willing to accept it.

She didn't want to be a trouble maker or self-torture.

The atmosphere between them was deadlocked for a while, and others had never appeared, as if they were afraid they wouldn't talk long enough.

Only when the flow of idol play in the TV channel was heard, Harry broke the stalemate all of a sudden. "You'd better stay away from that man. If he really becomes ruthless, he won't go so far as to show mercy to you."

"That's none of your business. But thank you for your kindness." Consuela raised one of her eyebrows, surprised at his words.

Her tone remained unfriendly, but the latter part of the sentence obviously slowed down, which made her feel more comfortable.

She couldn't forget all the good things this man had done for her just because of some reason. Maybe other people could do it, but she couldn't.

Harry looked at her in confusion. "You will pay for your own thoughts one day," he said.

"I don't know what it will cost and I'm not interested in it. By the way, I'm very well now. How are you doing recently?"

He had been busy with work recently, but had time to talk with her here now.

Suddenly, the scene of him being beaten that day popped up in his mind. His eyes turned cold immediately and he sneered, "Well, thanks to you, I'm still alive."

His face was as dark as ink. Consuela shut her mouth, trying not to echo his order. He had already taken what happened that day as a big insult.

Even just a mention would cause such a reaction. He didn't know how he could tolerate her, the harm accomplice.

But it was good. They didn't have to break up, or it would be embarrassing here.

It was highly possible that Harry was her future brother-i

nched Consuela's weakness in a word. The woman's face was pale. Biting her lower lip, she tried to seem calm.

But the clasped hands made her feel more painful. She just wanted to cry, but it was not the right time.

"Mom, I've told you that he is very busy recently. I came here on impulse, so I went shopping with my friends to buy things the baby could use when it was born." She paused, and to show her sincerity, she looked up and smiled at the woman opposite.

"As it happens, my friend went to a women's clothing shop to try on some items when I met Sheryl."

"Consuela, don't lie to me. Your answer will make me feel better. But..."

Consuela smiled and interrupted, "Mom, don't think too much. I'm really fine now."

In terms of material life, she could live an affluent life. But it was just that she was not happy in spirit.

Linda sighed and said, "Can I trust you?"

Before Consuela could answer her question, a husky male voice rang out from behind her. "You two have a lot of secrets."

He walked up to Consuela, who was about to spat out a mouthful of water.

Squinting her eyes, Consuela scolded, "Dad, you're stirring up trouble again."

"I'm not here to make trouble. I'm afraid that your mother might catch a cold with the wind." With a faint smile, he put the coat on Linda.

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