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   Chapter 205 The Dark Faced Harry (1)

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There was a kind smile on Sheryl's face. She looked straight ahead as if this question was asked by accident.

Only God knew how hard she was holding the steering wheel now. She was flustered, waiting for Consuela's answer. On the other hand, she was afraid that the answer wasn't what she wanted.

But sometimes, she would look sideways at the woman beside her when she slowed down. The look was too fast to be perceived.

Consuela tilted her head and smiled vaguely, changing the subject to something else.

She didn't plan to brag about his name before she brought him home. She was afraid that she would be the one who got slapped hard in the future.

Sheryl, however, didn't get the answer to the question. She noticed the disappointment and hesitation in Consuela's eyes, which made her believe that Consuela had nothing to do with him.

As for the father of the baby in her belly, she had no interest in him.

When they waited for the red light, Sheryl turned her head to the woman next to her and said, "Call father and mother. Although they haven't contacted you actively recently, they both miss you very much."

"I miss them, too." Consuela smiled faintly. She really didn't know how to explain the situation now?

Sheryl looked sideways at her, and then smiled brightly. Her beautiful eyes were full of unknown lust, making her dare not to get to the bottom of it.

She had been tired of being her best sister. But it was not the time to break up, so she could only wait patiently and let the woman regret when there was a chance.

Consuela didn't know how vicious she was. She made a phone call and talked to the other end of the line, pretending to be a happy girl.

After hanging up the phone, Consuela heaved a deep sigh of relief. She looked at the woman who was controlling her own fate and while holding the steering wheel, she said, "Sheryl, you have suffered a lot lately. I'm really sorry for what you have done."

What a foxy wo

seem to want to apologize to her. Instead, he looked more like a terrible man who was chasing money.

She didn't know what on earth this person had infused into her family, making them so blind to believe in his words alone.

"Would you like some cantaloupes?" Consuela tried to break the silence and said coldly.

Harry pushed the fruit platter aside. He pressed his lips and refused to say a word. It seemed that he didn't want to be close to Consuela at all.

The looks on their faces changed dramatically. Consuela took a bite of the fruit and suddenly missed the man Richie who had set a time for her to go back to the villa.

But now she was here. If she left without arguing, they would scold her.

"Just say it. No one is listening here now. I'm not here to take this opportunity to watch your dark face."

Consuela lowered her voice, glaring at him with contempt.

Her words made the man sitting not far from her red eyes. But when he thought of the harms Sheryl had analyzed for him, he restrained himself.

It was like being bitten by a dog, he couldn't get close to and bite it back. So he just let her be complacent for now. There would be plenty of pot boiled water waiting for her later.

The way they got along with each other was exactly like the changes that happened before.

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