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   Chapter 204 Be Detected (2)

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Under the joyful eyes of the crowd who tried their best to hide, Baron walked straight to the direction of Debbie. Her steps were as if creating special effects with strong wind.

"What do you think?"

"You're such a coquettish man. Pack it up, please," said Debbie.

Obviously, he was amused by her pretentious move. The corners of his mouth upward a little bit. But when he tried to stop laughing, he shook his head seriously and said, "I still prefer to be low-key."

"I'd like to buy you something in return for your kindness." Debbie stared at the sunglasses and put the phone in her pocket.

As if he had succeeded in a plot, Baron smiled happily, showing eight big white teeth. "I am very happy."

What's happening now has attracted many people's attention. Afraid of being recognized, Debbie stood up and said, "If you have anything to buy, go and change your clothes. I'll have the salesgirl pack it and take it away."

The coquettish pink clothes were just too eye-catching. The black suit he wore before was suitable for stalking.

After hearing what Debbie said, Baron picked a few more clothes without hesitation. Without trying on more, he packed them with the pink shirt that he had just changed.

When Debbie paid, her heart was bleeding. The salesgirl was very happy. "Welcome next time."

Debbie smiled wryly, but in the bottom of her heart, she replied, "I will never come again." She raised her head to remember the name of the store, because she wouldn't go to a flagship store in the future.

These things were too expensive. Even if her salary was so high, she couldn't afford to spend them like this.

"Did you drive?" Out of the shopping mall, Debbie turned to look at Baron and asked.

They walked in the stairs passageway with few people, and the wind was whistling, coming closer and closer. Her hair was disheveled by the wind, but the man raised his hand and ruffled her hair casually.

No one answered her for a long time. As s

he also sat in the back seat. Debbie looked at him from the rearview mirror and asked, "Where are we going now?"

"Go back to our shelter." With an injured look on his face, Baron hummed and said.

Then she drove away.

In fact, Consuela didn't mean to make the woman feel less guilty for her. She just wanted to tell the truth that she came across Sheryl. What a coincidence! Now she met Sheryl herself.

Then, during their enthusiastic conversation, she prepared to go back to the Xia Clan residence. And then she made time to send a message to Richie, telling him that she might be home late today, because she had to go back her home.

It was not until they got into the car that Sheryl started to have something to talk with her and became silent that a message popped up and an "OK" was sent from Richie.

Staring at the screen of her phone for a long while, she wasn't able to see any other words hidden in it. Disappointed, she put her phone back.

Sheryl, who was driving, noticed Consuela's subtle expression. Suddenly, the man with refined features and unruffled demeanor came to her mind.

She swallowed the jealousy in her eyes and asked with a smile, "Consuela, that man seems to have a good relationship with you. Is he your boyfriend?"

Sheryl raised her voice, showing a sort of tease.

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