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   Chapter 203 Be Detected (1)

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If he said no, who knew whether that man would raise the price or not.

Knowing clearly about the beast nature of that man, Baron took a deep breath and forced a smile, "How could it be?"

"I was going to lower the request to you. Since you are so generous, give me the money." Richie raised his head and curled his lips.

Looking at the lawless man, he was so angry that he suffered a lot of internal injuries. Where his heart was blocked, he finally opened a vent.

He got rid of the bad memories and tried to keep calm when he looked at Debbie.

"It's impossible for you to resign. But I can give you a few days off."

Debbie looked at the innocent face of Baron and nodded her head. Although she was still unhappy, it was better to have a holiday.

The topic was finally over. Consuela rolled her eyes at the girl with excitement. 'So they are the same. They are all cowards.' she thought.

Debbie drank the milk in one gulp with a grumpy face and beckoned to the waiter to pay the bill. Then she went shopping with the pregnant woman.

They went to a baby products store.

In a store, Consuela was holding a baby blue apron for measuring. All of a sudden, Debbie grabbed her hand and said, "Do you feel that we are followed by someone?"

Consuela was stunned for a moment. She thought that Richie hadn't removed the safeguards yet but he didn't want to put any psychological burden on Debbie. She shook her head helplessly.

"You've been too sensitive recently. I haven't noticed it at all?"

Debbie looked around in the mall before answering.

"Oh, my God. I stay with the big star every day. I have to watch out for a series of trifles about his safety. It's very difficult not to be nervous."

"Then the salary will definitely be considerable." Raising her eyebrows, Consuela said with a confident smile.

Debbie grinned, "Not bad. Only this can

"That man in the locker room is a toy boy I keep. Look at him. He is armed to the teeth, just in case someone see him and accuse him."

The salesgirl smiled apologetically and changed the topic, without trying to sell anything.

After Debbie sent off the salesgirl, she picked up a magazine on the table and began reading. All of a sudden, she remembered that Consuela was left in the baby shop by her, when she was about to leave.

That woman seemed to think alike. She sent her a message.

'I saw my sister just now, so I left with her first. You can seize the big star.'

She ended the sentence with a smiling face. After Debbie was in a daze for a second, she quickly typed on the virtual keyboard on her mobile phone and sent a sincere message to Consuela.

After editing the message and sending it out, a loud stir suddenly came from the direction of the locker room. She turned around and saw the man in coquettish pink walking out.

He was always like a clothes shelf, and he had fair skin, so he can wear any styles and colors. Looking at the spirited appearance on the man, Debbie touched her chin.

Although he was wearing a pair of sunglasses and his cap was placed in a corner.

But he was still unable to cover his charm.

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