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   Chapter 201 Acting Coquettishly (2)

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The scene had just finished, and it seemed that someone had found the exact time. In a flash, most of the eyes of the crowd fell on them.

It seemed that the young actress had deliberately slowed down the pace of her red eyes being held up by the two men. Everyone could only see the tears in her eyes and her action of pursing her lips.

Debbie had always been straightforward. She could only glare at the young actress without saying a word when she saw that she deliberately pretended to be weak and vulnerable.

"Don't say that. It was my fault that I lost my footing. Miss Debbie would never do that to me." With red eyes, the young actress thanked the two persons beside her and then explained for Debbie.

Most of the people present looked at the little showgirl who was about to cry. And at the same time, they looked at Debbie who was a fearless girl. In the end, they shifted the balance to the side of the delicate young actress.

The director handed a bottle of water to the man walking off the stage. Raising his eyebrows, he seemed to gloat at Baron's discomfiture. "Should we go to rescue her?" he asked.

Taking over the water in a leisurely manner, Baron looked up and shook his head with a soft smile, "No, it's time to make her more concerned."

"It's not a big deal if the leading role of the movie is finished first. I'll go to rest for a while."

"Why don't you put on a long face? I'm afraid you can't bear it." The director rubbed his chin, squinting and smiling mischievously.

As if he didn't care, he turned around and left. From the corner of his eyes, he glanced at that strange position, which was hard to tell right for the time being. He shook his head slightly, as if somewhat helpless.

The director, however, saved them from embarrassment, "Finish the shooting as soon as possible. I'll take you to have a good meal in the afternoon."

Debbie finally escaped from the embarrassing scene. However, the young actress flicked the dust off her body and served her as a good friend, giving her a box of coo

was not lucky enough to enjoy them. Nobody knew what was in them.

"You're welcome." With a fake smile, the young actress turned to the man and nodded, "Thank you for your advice. I'm leaving now."

Then she walked away with light steps, smiling all the way. Looking at her back, Debbie raised her hand to touch her own face.

If she kept smiling like this, she would definitely feel that her muscles would get stiff.

"Did you really buy chocolate?" Baron stood up and walked to her. He lowered his head and looked at the big bag which was carried by Debbie. He picked up something which was put into the iron box.

He chuckled as if he found it incredible.

Debbie grabbed the box from his hand and said with her eyebrows raised, "If you want it, Miss Sue will buy it for you."

The young showgirl had been on a diet recently. No matter how much work she had done on the film set, she still exercised well.

In fact, she was not very fat, and she was a little thin from the perspective of ordinary people. It was hard to understand why she wanted to be as thin as a piece of paper.

When Debbie finally came back to her senses, she saw a handsome face which was very close to her. She immediately covered her mouth with her hand, letting the loud scream rising up to her throat to swallow down to her stomachache.

"What's wrong with you again?"

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