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   Chapter 200 Acting Coquettishly (1)

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The woman, who was in high spirits just now, became less angry all of a sudden. After asking her a few questions, she didn't get an answer. Instead, she looked at the woman's head, trying to make her answer.

She raised her head and looked a little melancholy, "what's wrong with me? It's all because those people colluded with each other to disgust me. They thought I want that job very much."

"It can't be, Baron..." It seemed that he must be a person who was particularly protective of her shortcomings. How could he let her suffer so much grievance until now and there was no room for her to diverge?

"You haven't really been with him, of course you don't know how dark that guy is," She lifted her eyebrows with a smile and said in a tone of a person who had experienced it: "Therefore, those little girls who are obsessed with him just take a fancy to that part of his appearance."

Biting her lower lip, Consuela didn't try to defend herself for those who liked Baron. After all, she was also a fan of that guy, and she was just a little more rational.

Now that the woman sitting opposite to her had already told her the truth, she sighed deeply and had a sip of her coffee. Then she looked at Consuela and said with a helpless smile, "I just think that there are some people that you can't fall in love with."

For example, Baron was a man who seemed to be aloof from the rest of the world, but his means were ruthless.

Consuela lowered her head and tucked the hair behind her ears. Such as Richie, who had a gorgeous appearance and a short temper, yet he couldn't calm down.

Maybe it was just because the person was wrong that he couldn't be gentle. If the pregnant person changed to Angie now, Consuela interrupted her thoughts and immediately lowered her head and grabbed a glass of water and took a sip of it.

Then she heard the woman on the other side panicked, "are you insane? How dare you drink coffee?"

It was not until then that Consuela came back to her senses and realized what she had done. She grabbed Debbie's glass and gulped it down. No wonder the bitterness was so strong in her mouth.

r this visit to the film set. Can you help me send them to Baron?"

Her eyes were full of shyness, like a beautiful lady who had been waiting for her lover's answer. It was the last thing that Debbie could stand.

Just when she was about to say yes, she suddenly remembered a rule in the regulations for taking care of the man. 'Never accept any gifts from others without my permission.' she thought.

With a serious look, Debbie lowered her head and looked at the soft, thin hands in front of her. She racked her brains to find a better excuse, and declined in a euphemistic manner.

It was the little showgirl who tried to talk to her in a condescending way, which had already put down some of her airs. If she refused directly, she might be attacked by people tomorrow on Twitter.

In fact, only a silly and sweet girl was unfathomable for her to get to such a high position.

"I'm sorry..."

Before she could finish her words, the young actress had fallen down inexplicably. Debbie's arm was still stiff. She wanted to catch her, but she did not have the strength.

"Do you think you can be lawless just because you are the personal assistant of Baron? Do you want to blacklist him with your attitude?"

"Keep your voice down. Don't give anyone a chance to hack Baron."

Before both the young actress and Debbie could say anything, someone came from nowhere had been already exposed in a small voice.

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