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   Chapter 199 A Weird Call (3)

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All the journalists were worldly wise and good at engaging in what the audience liked to see. The man was standing in front of the camera to block the flashlight, so the woman he was protecting looked more lovable and considerate.

Nancy's face changed. She stood up and said to Consuela, "The ordered seafood is coming. I'll help them with the delivery."

When she ran away with a straight face, the remote control in Miranda's hand shivered when she saw that. Then it jumped on the sofa.

She lowered her head and looked into Consuela's eyes. In a calm voice, she said, "I forgot to water the flowers today. Mrs. Richie, I'm leaving now."

They were afraid that Consuela would misunderstand him. They had been having a fight lately, and the atmosphere between them was becoming more and more odd. If there was a fuse, they would be destroyed by it.

Consuela turned her head to stare at the TV, her mouth twitching. She was still watching the news on TV.

A smart woman should know clearly when she could lose her temper and when she should take one thing seriously.

Even if she saw that man performed a love scene with another woman in front of her, she had to be calm and take safety measures.

Just because of a variety of events, the Xia Clan was getting better and better. Yet, it was because of Richie who supported Johnson. If he withdrew his investment because he was upset, the Xia Clan would be in danger.

After all, the loss was not worth it.

Besides, she hadn't thoroughly explain to her parents yet. She couldn't hide the truth from them for the rest of her life.

The two people in the TV were really well matched. The man was handsome and the woman was sweet and lovely. The reporters didn't ask more business questions, but asked him directly about their relationships.

Holding the fruit plate in her hand, Consuela lowered her head to hide the disappointment in her eyes. She was waiting for the man's answer, but the next moment, she saw a black TV screen.

So she stayed in suspense.

When the servant rushed over and reminded her that the main brake of the villa was broken, she rolled her eyes and sighed in her heart. "It's too n

le might give people a mysterious and Buddhist feeling.

As Consuela had expected, that phone call was Laura's trick. When the information about the call and the address of the message were found out, no one answered it either.

She began to admire Debbie sincerely. If Mary didn't have any ability, she would never be a member of the Secretary office.

"Consuela, what's your decision now?"

"The news was only blocked by that man. Laura is still living a carefree life. What do you think she can do with the call?"

After such things happened again and again, she casted all the people behind this on Laura.

Debbie supported her head and sighed, "It's not easy to be a rich lady."

She not only had to accept all kinds of covert provocations from her love rivals, but also had to bear malice from all directions. She also didn't know how deep the Ye Clan was.

Consuela furrowed her eyebrows and said, "I'm not as lucky as you. You are so lucky to have a Baron to keep out the wind and rain. I can only get out of here on my own. Of course, you can't live a happy life as you wish. I won't live much better."

She took a sip of milk and looked up. Seeing that Debbie had constipated like a gloomy face, she was stunned for a while.

'Well, she might have had a row with the super star again. Otherwise, as his personal assistant, how could she go shopping with me for relaxation?'

"Don't mention him. Let's change the subject."

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