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   Chapter 197 A Weird Call (1)

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The dark silver light made him look gentle, but it couldn't soften the gloom around him. Thus, Consuela swallowed saliva, at a loss.

Was it too late for her to escape now?

Richie raised his hand and showed her the club he broke into two pieces. He threatened the woman with his deep voice. His face darkened as if a storm had come.

"If you have the ability to escape, you'd better go to a safe place, and I will definitely not find the place, otherwise your legs won't have much good luck to accompany you to walk anymore."

'For some people, they just can't be connived, or they will be able to climb up your head one day to be domineering.' It was obvious that Consuela was regarded by him as such a person.

"It's not fair to me." Said Consuela, giving no impression of weakness.

The hands on her sides were quietly pinched. The round and smooth nails that were trimmed slowly penetrated into the soft palm of her hands, but she did not feel any pain.

The only thing she knew was that she wouldn't be soft to the man in front of her. She just looked up at him, not giving the impression of weakness.

"So, it's unfair to let you dry my hair? What a mean woman." Richie purposely contorted her expression, shook his head and walked towards the woman, as if he could do nothing about it.

It was a pity that Consuela, having seen his means, no longer believed that this man was pure in appearance but dark in nature.

When he was about to approach her, she raised up her hands to open the door. But the next second, the door was pushed back and shut tightly again.

The man put one of his hands above her head, bent down and looked right into her eyes.

When he was smiling, his dignity and charm were intertwined, which made her look at him in confusion. Until he spoke, she realized that he was a demon in the coat of an angel.

"Tell me what kind of punishment you want. As a democratic person, I wil

y without checking the caller.

She didn't make a sound. As she waited for the person on the other end to tell her why to call her, the only sound she could hear in the mobile phone was the clear breath. Gradually, it increased the volume of the breathing and a piercing scream came. "You will have a bad death."

Consuela tossed her phone on the bed instinctively. The room was bright with the glaring light on. A huge ghost face was flashing across the screen of the mobile phone.

To put it simply, that was too miserable to be true.

The scarlet eye pits were split, and the turbid liquid was mixed with blood color. There was no intact skin on the face, and the flesh and skin turned outward.

Consuela cast a glance at the horrible face. She was so scared that she almost threw up.

She picked up the pillow and threw it to the phone. She shrunk, but did not dare to stand up and turn off her cell phone.

Faint cries came out of it. Some of them were even unclear but were cursed words.

Holding the quilt in her arms, Consuela lay on the bed and didn't dare move her body. She was afraid that there might be any leaks in the quilt, so she didn't get out of the bed to turn her body.

She was afraid of such strange things, even though she knew it was man-made.

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