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   Chapter 196 A Shameless Problem (2)

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"Shame on you!"

Suddenly, Consuela mustered up courage and took a step backwards, half way out of the man's grip.

However, she always felt that there was still that man's scent on her nose and face, which made her face rise up a rosy glow for a long time.

Richie stood straight and watched her step back. It seemed that he was waiting for her to say something.

But that woman had always been a snail. She couldn't speak directly without forcing her to, and would rather keep those words in her heart.

Unfortunately, he hated the feeling of guessing other's thoughts the most.

"You have never put your identity in the right position. What is it shameful to do between husband and wife? " He pulled his tie and looked up with a charming smile.

He seemed to try to seduce Consuela sincerely and he had succeeded.

To resist the temptation of his handsome face and the overbearing aura, Consuela turned her head to one side and snapped, "You don't have to give me petty action!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she raised her hand to touch the tip of her swollen nose in case she would lose face in front of this person.

Hearing that, Richie smiled helplessly. His fair skinned, slender and beautiful hands began to unbutton his shirt.

He didn't mind at all. Now, he was still in the long corridor, taking off his clothes slowly, as if it were his personal exhibition hall and he was extremely relaxed.

Even if she was influenced by what she constantly saw and heard. She couldn't learn his cheekiness in a short time. Looking at the stunning and vulgar man, she could only raise her head and have a negotiation with that poker face.

"Can you stop what you are doing now? You can take off your clothes in the bedroom later."

"Well, it's up to you." The man was somehow obedient and stopped the last button, his eyes filled with love.

She was at a loss for words at the sight of his handsome face. She bit her lips to calm herself down and stared straight at the man.

Actually, Richie was a female ki

sfied smile forming on his face. He sat down, waiting for the woman to help him dry his hair.

After closing his eyes and pretending to sleep for a long time, he said impatiently without hearing any footsteps, "you should know that I have never been so patient."

Consuela looked at him and then put the towel back on the shelf beside her and stretched out her hand, yawning. Defiant as she was, she said, "I'm tired."

Under the scorching eyes of the man, she lifted her eyes lightly and smiled as if she was not familiar with him. "In order not to let me get too excited, how about we sleep in separate bedrooms?"

After saying that, she pushed the door open and left. She dared not stay in front of that man for fear that he would treat her differently. It was because that man's eyes were a bit terrible.

He seemed to be eager to eat her alive. The ferocious yet strange dark color made her dare not to look deep into it.


After entering the room next to the master bedroom, she locked the door quickly. Even though she knew that the man had the spare key to all the rooms in the villa, she still didn't want to let him go. But such a move could still make her feel a little safe.

She shook the door key in her hand and smiled bitterly. When she took a step inside, she was startled by the man who jumped in through the window.

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