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   Chapter 195 A Shameless Problem (1)

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The question popped up out of nowhere and interrupted the silence between Consuela and Wendy. The other women beside didn't want to back up Mrs. Mu anymore, so they turned their topics to their interest.

Consuela swallowed hard and sighed with resignation. The topic of their conversation had been changed so much that she wanted to rush out of the house right now.

Her eyes betrayed her thoughts. The vice mayor's wife raised her hand, and a servant closed the door and left.

"That's right. According to the style of the Ye Clan, it must be a good wedding."

"Mrs. Ye, is this wedding in progress?"

Wendy squinted. She didn't know anything about the wedding. Even when the two people got married, they just knew it later.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but be influenced by the other people beside them. She looked at the silent daughter-in-law next to them, as if she also wanted to know the answer.

Consuela put down her glass and decided not to be impolite to them. She was under a lot of pressure as Wendy had changed her side.

As for wedding, she didn't know it at all. With the cold look of Richie, how could he hold a wedding for her in a big way?

Of course, she could only criticize him in her heart. If she had to be honest, she would not dare to do so.

Consuela smiled and bowed her head shyly. She buried her face in the shadow and said, "I'm not in a rush. It's not a good idea to get pregnant and wear a wedding dress."

Hence, the eyes of all people were fixed on her belly. It was true that her belly was too big to wear wedding dress carefully. Nobody wanted to have any regret on her first wedding.

"I heard that there is a new French restaurant in the downtown of L City." Someone shifted the topic to bring the other two people out of the noisy crowd.

Consuela heaved a sigh of relief. Then she turned to the other side of her and the back of her hand on the chair was patted by the woman beside her. With a smile, she replied, "I'm fine."

She looked at Mrs. Mu for

like torturing me," Consuela sighed with emotion.

"Don't talk nonsense. You are not cute at all." With a harsh tone, he pinched the woman's cheek mercilessly.

Biting her lower lip, Consuela glared at him. She felt comfortable as long as the pleasant smell of cigarettes and wine was gone.

The moonlight spread through the floor to ceiling window on the two people who were hugging each other. A breeze blew, blowing away their scent.

"Speak it out when I'm in a good mood."

"You will tell me the answer?"

"Up to your question if it is reasonable."

As she raised her head, she made it right into the man's chin. Feeling a little frightened, she lowered her head quickly and asked in a sullen voice, "So? How did you think it is reasonable or not?"

She couldn't believe that this man would be so kind that he would answer every question she asked.

"It all depends on my mood, of course." Richie explained with a smile, his eyes sparkling.

Consuela bumped into the man's face carelessly. She felt like her soul was going to be sucked away by the man. Then, the smile on the man's face changed its meaning.

With his eyes slightly raising, his lips curved into a playful smile. He intimately lowered his head and rubbed her nose with the tip of his nose. "Is this face so attractive to you?"

What a shameless question.

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