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   Chapter 194 Fever Illness (3)

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Her face contorted in pain. She wished that he could pass out now.

Perhaps it was because the expression on her face was too obvious that Richie suddenly raised the corner of his lips and asked gently, "What kind of good fate have you arranged for me in the bottom of your heart?"

He thought, 'are you thinking of me as a ghost again?'

There was only a little of liquid left in the infusion bottle. She turned her head to look at the man. "I'll ask the nurse to change the infusion bottle for you," she said.

She ignored all the shouts from behind and walked out attentively.

But she could feel that the man's dark eyes followed her all the way. According to her understanding of the man for more than a few days, the more amiable he was, or the more gentle and polite he was, it was a sign of some perversion.

The ominous premonition came to her mind. She really didn't have the courage to rush up and have a stroke of bad luck.

After walking out of the master bedroom and asking the nurse to accompany her, she finally felt a sense of security.

When Richie was changing the infusion bottle, he was lying on the sofa, eyes closed. His computer, which had been working at high speed, was also turned off.

Now he was relaxed. Consuela raised her eyes to observe his face. Richie's skin was born with white color, but now it was red because of a high fever. It was undeniable that his white skin made him look more attractive.

His white shirt was wrinkled. On his black trousers, there was a hand with distinct and pale bones and a silver needle.

His quiet and indifferent expression made her feel enchanting. He was really charming, with smile in his eyes but still with a long face.

When Consuela was thinking about the man, the man's eyes had already been dimmed. He licked the corner of his mouth and asked, "are you satisfied with what you see now?"

For a moment her thoughts were easily interrupted. Her face blushed scarlet with embarrassment. Then she realized that the nurse was gone.

She was attracted by this man with hearts of brutes. She even didn't know when the nurse had left.

"I'm pretty satisfied with you. You have long le

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Lowering her head, Consuela didn't respond at once. She kept silent, as if she wanted to be out of the entertainment circle.

"Mrs. Mu, your daughter Adriana seems to have found a good husband. Her wedding was so enviable." The woman sitting on the host seat suddenly mentioned a familiar name.

Biting her lower lip, Consuela didn't expect that she would be able to meet Adriana's mother here.

But she didn't think too much. There weren't so many people whose last name was Mu in L City. And she could guess a bit from this thought.

She lifted her eyes slightly to look at the woman who was stared at by everyone. She was dressed in a very flamboyant, bright red, like the dull summer of the burning sky.

The woman was holding a cup of sweet tea, and it seemed that she did not expect to be mentioned about this topic. Her almond eyes were slightly open, and the superfluous expression on her face was restrained. She slowly turned her eyes, trying to change the topic.

"What you said is all up to Adriana." After a pause, she turned to look at Consuela and asked with a red grin, "I'm looking forward to your son's wedding. But can you tell me a date first?"

She couldn't help but glance at Consuela's flat belly for a few seconds, fearing that she would feel uncomfortable if she looked at her this way.

Consuela was still thinking that the look between the women's eyebrows was somewhat similar to Adriana.

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