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   Chapter 193 Fever Illness (2)

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The sudden high fever put them in a more awkward situation. Consuela couldn't just leave him alone and ignore him.

She could only serve tea and water to that man with trivial matters from time to time. A pregnant woman was almost the same as a servant hired in a villa, except that she didn't do any physical work.

After several big bottles of liquid were directly infused, Richie's face finally got rosy. He had been doing his job from time to time. Even a glass of water would be divided into several groups, because he had to make a few phone calls.

Perhaps he was a little tired, Richie said, "Fetch the laptop in the study for me."

There were only the two of them in the room. Consuela rolled her eyes at him as if she wanted to express her dissatisfaction with him. But when the man raised his beautiful but cold eyes, she closed her mouth and made a compromise.

It was undeniable that she had always been afraid of Richie. Perhaps no matter how the present change or past was changed, this feeling would not change much.

It seemed that they were not getting along well, but there were no gaps between them at the beginning. Richie even asked her to do some things, which would be regarded as a decision to dispel all contradictions.

Consuela bit her lower lip, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh. This was really a very lovely way.

When she took the things to the man, she once again realized that he was a workaholic. She leaned her head on her hand and peeled an orange, enjoying it leisurely.

He could not neglect the constant small movements of the woman. He just put down the laptop in his hand and looked up at the woman who was eating happily.

He said in a low voice, "Do you still have me in your eyes?"

However, his eyes were not as simple and innocent as he said. Three seconds later, when she looked into his eyes, she couldn't stand the temptation that the man was throwing at her anymore, so she lowered her head and continued to eat the oranges.

"The doctor said that you nee


Although she would have to face a handsome cold face, it was better than being surrounded by a group of gossips. And she was his lordship.

She liked to gossip, but refused to blend in. It could be said as contradictory and selfish.

She opened a philosophy book of French. After reading it for a long time, she finally put it back to its original place. Then she took out a few Chinese books in the study.

When she saw the picture of a beautiful but exotic woman on the book, it suddenly occurred to her that the woman who was talked to by Miranda yesterday.

Although she didn't show up and she was unusually generous and sensible before, she really wanted to know when she sat in front of Richie.

What happened between them.

There was no reason that that woman would leave without a reason. They must have met. The other problems would depend on her trick ability.

She closed her book naturally and smiled at the man not far away from her. She grinned and said, "I heard that Vivian is one of your friends. It is said that she would come here as a guest. Where is she?"

The test was done directly without any brain embellishment.

Richie raised his eyebrows and looked at his wife. His face was not softened. "Do you want me to keep my mistress in my love house or do you want me to end it as quickly as possible?"

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