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   Chapter 191 Unhappy Anniversary (3)

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At Sruthan Building a woman was sent to the CEO Office on the top floor by the special assistant Tim, which attracted a lot of attention. Those women in the Secretary Office began to guess the identity of the woman on the top floor of the building.

Vivian was a mixed blood and appeared in many fashion magazines, so she didn't want to be too ostentatious. At the moment, her dark brown sunglasses only exposed her tall nose and delicate chin.

She was overjoyed when she thought that she could see Richie soon.

She wasn't Richie's ex-girlfriend. She was just a fanatic for him. She had followed him to the villa.

When she was discovered, nothing bad happened, and she even bossed around like a hostess and did something that was impressive.

When Tim pushed the door open and walked in, she finally realized that there was always a low pressure around her, which had made her very disappointed.

The door of the office was closed. With his head lowered, Tim standing behind the woman reported, "She's here."

"Okay, you go first." Richie took a sip of water. He didn't even move his eyes away from the computer. He raised an idle hand and waved it to Tim.

Before Tim could say anything, Vivian took off her sunglasses and asked with a smile, "Is there anything else?"

She had treated herself like a hostess. Tim sighed in his heart that the woman was shameless. Then he began to pity his boss.

After shooting him a stare to pray for his favor and receiving no response, Tim smiled gentlemanly and said, "I wish you have a good day."

After closing the door and leaving, there were only the two of them in the empty and cold office.

The next second, Vivian rested her eyes on the man. His narrow waist and wide shoulders were well proportioned, but the line of his figure was perfect, with which Vivian could almost imagine everything.

Being stared at by such eyes for a long time, Richie typed the last word on the keyboard, with his hands clasp

u stop for a while and don't make him unhappy every day? If you continue to act like this, Richie will be upset." He had been engaged in his work during the day and had to go home in the evening to comfort this unsettled woman. No one could stand it.

In a daze for a moment, Consuela lowered her head and felt the blazing gaze overhead. After a while, she finally raised her head and looked away. The unwillingness on her face were all gone.

"I'm sorry to have troubled you. I won't do that again." When she opened her mouth, Tim could clearly feel her apology. It was not like that she just said it casually.

Tim didn't know how to respond to Consuela's words. If she had a stronger sense of confidence, he would have said what he had prepared for a long time.

She regretted that she had offended Richie. But her humble performance embarrassed Tim.

"…… What can I do to help you? " He raised his eyebrows and looked at this disobedient woman, with a touch of pain in thought in his eyes.

Consuela paused for a while, and then she remembered the mug in her hand. "I'll make a cup of tea for you. Take your time."

When she was about to go to the kitchen and make tea, the man, who looked morose, refused bluntly, "Consuela, please take good care of Richie. He is not easy to be irritated by you."

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