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   Chapter 190 Unhappy Anniversary (2)

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Fortunately, the news was blocked so quickly by Richie that her father hadn't seen any news about slander. Otherwise, how could he call her so late.

She was not in a good mood, so she kept rejecting any contact with outsiders.

Resting on the white, pinkish style pillow that she had bought recently, Consuela sighed with profound resignation.

She thought that if she didn't take the initiative to remind him of the matter, he might want to go back on his words or he might not take it seriously.

But when she picked up the phone, she didn't know what to say. She could only stare at the phone with her eyes wide open and looked at a loss.

The sunshine was three inches away from the bed. She took a deep breath and got out of the bed to do something else.

It was the man who had promised her that. Why would she feel guilty and uneasy? If Richie dared to refuse, she had already made up her mind to scold him.

Cursing him to death.

As she bit the straw, she suddenly realized that she didn't want Richie to go home together. Instead, she was more eager to scold him.

As expected, staying with a man with mental illness for a long time could be infected.

Boom... A burst of rapid footsteps were heard, and then the penetrating sound of Miranda was heard.

"Mrs. Richie, Mrs. Richie ..."

"Something is wrong!" Consuela told herself. She watched Miranda running towards the bedroom absent-minded. When she arrived, she started panting.

Consuela poured a glass of lemonade for her and said resignedly, "Why are you in such a hurry? I don't have to run around. Drink some water first."

The girl standing in front of her waved her hand quickly. Her gesture seemed to be cramped, but she couldn't tell the reason for her coming. Pressing her chin on her hand, Consuela squinted at her and said, "Take your time."

Miranda took a deep breath and shook her head with her big and clear eyes. She couldn't just take her time.

"Have you been caught eating the food

ed her shoulder and smiled, "No problem. Mr. Richie will send people to stop her."

However, Consuela didn't notice that. She was still taking the watering pot to water the green plants. The phone was put on the table and music was on the screen. She still didn't have the courage to call Richie.

She's really getting more and more timid and she was so scared of herself now.

She just wanted to remind him of his promise. What was she worried about?

When she was extremely excited, she threw the flowerpot on the balcony out of her hand and directly fell downstairs. She bent down hurriedly to look down. Fortunately, it didn't hit people.

"Are you all right, Mrs. Richie?"

Still fluttering with fear, she replied, "I'm sorry."

After that, she finally stopped. She put down the watering pot and leaned on the chair. When she raised her head, she smiled in resignation.

What happened to her?

There was a very quiet song on the phone, but it couldn't make her completely quiet down. Her heart was in a mess, mixed with inexplicable sour.

In her mind, a man as powerful as Richie should have many ex-girlfriends, but some of them were not loved by him, and the others were engraved in his bones.

She was nobody but a name in his household register. Yes, he seemed to be fond of her from time to time.

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