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   Chapter 189 Unhappy Anniversary (1)

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Hearing the repeated saying after Tim regained his mind, he answered seriously: "You can leave the hospital tomorrow but you have to stay here for observation today."

Tim lifted his eyes slightly to study Richie's expression secretly, as if he was looking forward to what he would do, but he was afraid of what he would do. However, he could not see the change of Richie's expression in such a bright way, so he could only peep at him secretly.

Lying on the bed, Richie bit his lips and suddenly raised his hand as if he wanted to pick up something, but he retracted it halfway.

The man's face was as black as if he had been hit by poison. Tim dared not to ask any more questions. He could only lift his eyelids slightly and then looked at him.

"I know my own health. Arrange a discharge for me later." Looking at the porridge in front of him, Richie stirred it with a spoon, and then said indifferently.

His calm and peace couldn't make Tim feel at ease. Tim just felt that he didn't take his body for one thing at all.

When Tim was about to say something, Cassie, who was sitting next to him and unwilling to drink the congee, couldn't resist the primitive power within her body.

She raised her eyes to look at the man who had a normal look on his face. She sneered and said, "Do you think that you can die at any time and bring yourself back to life again?"

Her words were a little vague, but it was enough to let him know the general meaning of what she said. After she said this, the room was silent.

"Do you still want to force me to cure myself?" Richie asked without any tenderness on his cold face, looking up at the woman rolling her big black eyes.

Cassie cursed in her mind, but didn't dare to say anything in public. Biting the spoon, she felt very uncomfortable.

Then she raised her eyes to stare at Tim, who was standing still with a ferocious look on his face. She thought for a moment and added more confidence, "Do you think that without you, Sruthan Group won't be able to run smoothly?"

Cassie wasn'

recently. Don't worry. After I check on my son-in-law, he will be a qualified successor."

On the other side of the phone, Johnson smiled in a natural manner. Long ago, he had thought that these two sisters would take over the company with their husbands in the future. He didn't want the Xia Group to die.

After they hung up the phone, Consuela threw herself on the bed as if she had run out of all her strength. Staring at the ceiling, she forced a smile.

Her father had already called Richie as son-in-law. Obviously, he did not know what kind of person that man was, perhaps only because he was the man she liked and the father of her child in her belly.

That was why they didn't take offense from Consuela's lie. They didn't take it seriously when they hadn't met each other in private.

Her sister might have found something, but her parents had been worried about her all the time.

The baby was about to be six months old. She wondered if the man would keep his promise to accompany her back home after she had such a rigid relationship with Richie.

She lowered her head to look at her belly. It was a six month old baby, and even though there was a thin quilt covering her belly, but it couldn't be hidden.

Time flies. She and Richie had been together for about six months.

"What an unhappy anniversary!" Consuela said with a smile.

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