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   Chapter 187 Alcoholism (1)

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Outside the French window of the corridor, lightning was still shining and the deafening thunder seemed to hit her heart, with a kind of palpitation that could not be said more.

Nancy wasn't expecting Consuela would say that. After a pause, she asked, "Mrs. Richie, don't you want Mr. Richie to come back?"

"Even if I try my best to figure it out, he may not come back on such a day."

As soon as she finished saying that, she walked into the master bedroom without hesitation and closed the door. Leaning against the door, she looked ahead and wanted to laugh and cry.

In the corridor, Nancy shook her head with profound resignation. As the servants, they couldn't cross the line and help the couple.

She just hoped there would be no more ups and downs between them since Mrs. Richie was pregnant.

That night, as expected, Richie did not come back. She held the pillow and fell asleep insensibly. The lightning flashed and thunder roared, hiding her fear deep in her heart.

After all, she was not alone fighting now.

She didn't know that when Richie just woke up and opened his unusually dry eyes, he saw Cassie in a white coat, and slowly flowing liquid.

When he struggled to get up, his head was so painful that it seemed to be sewed by a scabby doctor after being chopped off.

"If you want to go to the heaven, just do it as you like. You really can't get drunk. If you were to be sent a little later, now you have to stay in the morgue."

Cassie gave a shout of exasperation with her eyes fixed on Richie. She stared at him as if she was staring at something. He snorted and stopped moving.

The woman wrote a report and sat down beside. Turning his eyes, Richie found there were only he and Cassie in the spacious ward.

But he remembered he had invited Tim to have a drink with him. Where was that guy now?

Before he found the answer, Cassie, who had a pair of clean eyes and a

y the woman who maliciously speculated about his life.

On the way back with the breakfast Tim had ordered for Richie, Tim suddenly sneezed. He shook his head with a confused look on his face and then smiled. 'Maybe someone is missing him.' he thought.

While in the ward, Cassie had picked up an apple peel. Her method was clean and neat. She looked up at the man on the bed whose lips were red and not obvious dried.

"Is it because your company is on the verge of bankruptcy and you can't get any sponsorship? Since then, your former partners all changed their faces and wanted to betray you?" The apple was peeled. She was quite satisfied with her idea and nodded. The tiredness in her eyes also dissipated a lot.

But the man on the bed didn't respond. Cassie raised her eyebrows. The curse didn't work on him. It seemed that it was not about work.

It was not about the work, but the relationship between him and Consuela. They seemed to be on bad terms recently.

Thinking of that, Cassie could say nothing but bite the apple, looking up at the man's face.

"Don't look at me with such disgusting eyes." Said Richie sadly, without opening his eyes.

Cassie calmed herself down soon and asked with a sneer, "Is there any problem between you and Consuela?"

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