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   Chapter 186 A True Talk After Getting Drunk (3)

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In the middle of the sentence, the person seemed to have no courage to continue, looking up and drinking a glass of wine. He pressed his thin lips and his black eyes were dark.

He stood against the light. Tim was unable to see his expression at all, and wanted to know what he would say next, so he seduced Richie to continue.

"So what have you been for Consuela?" Tim opened his mouth in a low voice. He didn't let the man return to his mind. He wanted to let him say it in one breath in such an atmosphere.

In response, Richie picked up the glass of wine on the table and stuffed it into his mouth as if he stepped on a minefield. All he wanted now was to escape.

With the strong alcohol aroma, the liquid slid from the thin lips into the thin white shirt, drawing a rosy outline.

The rounded Adam's apple moved up and down along with his non-stop swallowing, giving off an indescribable charm, like the epiphyllum blossoming in the dark night.

Tim was no longer expecting his answer. Through his subconscious action of running away, Tim who had followed him for many years could know how much he resisted this question.

But he also forgot that now Richie was drunk and had no consciousness at all. He drank just because he thought he deserved it.

So when Tim didn't expect it, he opened his mouth and answered this question. He would never say anything to her when he was sober.

"As for Consuela, I have always... I have always felt guilty and fortunate. It feels good to be with her."

He could totally relax himself, and he didn't have to worry that this woman would play any tricks to hurt him. Because he knew that woman was very smart, but she always hid her thoughts in her eyes.

He could see what she was going to do next.

After a moment of silence, Tim opened his mouth again and said, "If both Angie and Consuela stayed in the same place and both of them fell into the water and couldn't swim, who would you choose to save?"

This classica

y. In the meantime, the lightning night fell unstintingly, illuminating the sky as if it was in daytime.

Holding the pillow in her arms, she didn't dare to make a sound. She felt as if a giant monster was about to be split apart by the thunder and lightning.

After a long time, there was a knock on the door of the main bedroom. Consuela took the phone on the bedside table and lit it. When she opened the door, she saw Nancy stand there with a flashlight in her hand.

"Mrs. Richie, the electricity was cut off by the thunder. There is a blackout in the villa. Don't be panic. I've asked someone to fix it. Here is the flashlight for you." Nancy said and handed the thing in the other hand to her.

As soon as she turned around, she heard Nancy say worriedly, "It's raining cats and dogs outside. I wonder when Mr. Richie will be back."

"It rains heavily and it gets late. Maybe he won't come back." Consuela pulled at the corners of her mouth. She couldn't be seen whether she was angry or not.

The hand holding the flashlight was slowly becoming stiff. She guessed it was because of her that Richie didn't come back, but she didn't do anything wrong.

The more she thought about it, the more determined she was. She looked at Nancy with a sincere smile, as if she had broken the shackles of something.

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