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   Chapter 185 A True Talk After Getting Drunk (2)

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She couldn't stand the force from the very beginning. She had seen all kinds of conflicts and suspicions from the very beginning, and she had also been despised by Harry.

She had gone through so many hardships and she didn't want to give up. She really didn't want herself to be looked down upon.

Tears began rolling down her eyes, from which the transparent colorless liquid slid to the corner of her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked it carelessly. They tasted salty.

Curling up like a baby was a sign of lack of security.

At this moment, she really hoped that time could go back. She didn't want to stay at home for Harry. She could go to any country or any other places, either traveling or studying abroad.

But all these had to be done in her imagination. She had almost lived a third of her life, and was almost destroyed by someone.

Inside the villa halfway up the mountain, only two men were chatting while drinking. No, in fact, only Richie had been talking all the time.

The words echoed in his mind. As Tim couldn't hear what he was saying, he took a few steps closer to him. Then he was forced by Richie to drink some spirits. His throat was so painful that he could not feel his heartbeat.

He got closer and heard the man murmuring. He was telling the story between him and Angie all the time. After getting drunk, there was excitement in his eyes that intoxicated him in the memory and he knew the end of the pain.

"We were going to get married, and she was going to be the mistress of the Ye Clan... All because of... I was so disappointing at that time, and she... "

Before he finished, he couldn't speak a complete word. He choked with sobs, trying to adjust his breath and stop himself from being sad.

Tim raised his goblet and gulped it down before he responded. The mysterious smile on his face was unfathomable.

The man who indulged himself in memory could not extricate himself from the pain caused by the accident. He did not feel any emotion of the v

almly, as if he was not a drunken man. He shook the goblet in his hand, and all the wine in it spilled out when he fell down.

"Why don't you drink? You have been waiting for me to get drunk, haven't you?"

Waving his hand, Tim said helplessly, "If both of us get drunk, we will have a hard time tomorrow."

Perhaps feeling that his words were reasonable, Richie nodded without fully understanding. He walked very slowly and went to the counter that was filled with wine.

Tim stood still, but his eyes followed his every movement. He was afraid that this muddled person would have an accident in the place where he couldn't see.

The man, on the other hand, fortunately, tried to make a good showing. Apart from shaking his feet and blurring his eyes, everything else was pretty good. At least he opened the cork safely.

The transparent liquid was poured on the table by him, but he didn't pour any drop in the glass.

Tim was so desperate that he filled a glass of wine for each of them. When he looked around the balcony, he suddenly stopped. He stepped forward and opened the curtain. Then he saw many empty bottles in the cabinet.

When he looked back, there was only fear left in his eyes. It was a miracle that he didn't get alcohol poisoning and lived healthy till now.

"In fact, for Consuela, I've been always..."

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