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   Chapter 184 A True Talk After Getting Drunk (1)

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On second thought, Tim bought two meals in a restaurant on his way to the villa.

It was not too late nor too early now, but he talked like a drunken man. It was not hard to suspect that he had been drinking since he left the company.

The man who could drink a lot had seldom met his opponent at a wine table. Was he intoxicated by himself now?

After pondering over it for a long while, Tim connected this matter with Consuela in the end.

Not long ago, he had consoled the depressed Consuela, but now he had to console the boss who was inexplicably hurt in love.

Tim sighed deeply and then stepped on the accelerator. The car also sped up. In the field of no jurisdiction, he was enjoying the morbid speed.

If it went on like this, he would be able to set up a radio station and act as an intimate brother to feed the others some chicken soup.

In fact, he only wanted to put a few bottles of poisonous chicken soup into his mouth so that he could cut him off and spend the rest of his life peacefully. However, he could only think about that.

When he arrived, the villa door at the hillside was opened. All the places in the villa he passing by were in a mess. He went upstairs. As soon as he opened the thick door, he smelled a strong smell of alcohol.

The man who called him over was sitting on the balcony at the moment. His long legs were crossed, and the posture looked strange and frightening.

Tim was so shocked that his heart jumped into his throat. He didn't know how many bottles of wine Richie had drunk and turned to him.

His black eyes were full of starlight, shining with unknown wetness, and he raised his red lips.

He said slightly, "I've been waiting for you for a long time. You have to drink one glass of wine as a punishment."

It was uncertain whether he was drunk or not, because even if he lost his consciousness, his face would not show anything.

Tim raised his eyes to look at the man's face, only to feel calm. He did not know what w

ly smiled and refused, "Why do you like to be mistreated so much? Today we are only drinking, not fighting."

The chuckle was like a cold stream at night, making Tim cool down.

Yes, he liked to ask for trouble, otherwise he wouldn't have come here. Unable to persuade this person, he could only give up his life to accompany the gentleman and drink together.

In the villa, after dinner, Consuela sat on the big sized bed with her eyes wide open, imagining where Richie would be.

But now she realized that she had no idea of the man. Except for the villa and the Ye's house and the company, she had no idea where he would go.

She picked up the phone, trying to control the embarrassment, and dialed a number, but failed. After staring at the phone for a long time, she just threw it far away.

Out of sight, out of mind. But it was useless. The more she escaped, the more she would woolgather.

On the bedside table, there was a group photo of Richie and Angie. She raised her hand and took the photo of them, trying to make herself give up. The longer she looked at it, the colder she felt.

"All right, don't fawn on each other first. If we can live a better life, then we can make do with it. If not..."

She paused and looked down at her raised belly covered by her pure cotton pajamas, smiling bitterly.

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