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   Chapter 183 The Headline Made Up (2)

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However, Richie was unable to slap any more. He held the woman's chin with one hand and raised her head to look at him. At this moment, he could see her little face clearly.

She bit her lower lip and stayed silent. The thick black eyelashes were trembling because of the fear in the bottom of her heart. Her face was stubborn and did not want to admit defeat.

Somehow, his hand was just patting on the shoulder as he felt a soft spot in his heart.

Consuela's eyes widened in shock. She couldn't believe what she just saw. The look on her face told him that the man in front of her was a freak who liked domestic violence.

It seemed that he was in a good mood again. He smiled and said, "For the sake of our child, I will let you go this time."

He knew how to hurt her heart, just like she knew that it was just an angry sentence, but she still couldn't help feeling sad.

Consuela's eyes were stained with tears. She just stared at him with a faint smile, her face full of disappointment.

What was she disappointed about?

Richie didn't have much time to speculate. He threw the photos on her. Consuela knew that those were given to her by Laura.

She bit her lower lip and said nothing. In the man's eyes, her expression was stubborn to the point of not giving in.

"I hope it won't happen again."

Raising her hand, she cast a few glares at him before turning around. "Thank you for your kindness," she said ironically

The pictures fell to the ground. The beautiful and shinning smile in the small square photo was now mocking their current situation.

She seemed to no longer know how to get along with this man. When they were with each other, they started all kinds of sarcasm or satire together.

Seeing her receding figure, Richie stood still without any movements. After she disappeared in his sight, he lowered his head and looked at his hand with her smell.

He pursed his lips as if he wanted to smile, but the corners of his mouth kept moving down. It was really difficult.

Then he walked to the tea table. The laptop hadn't been in dormant. The headline on

mber was unusually arrogant. As a result, the traffic police who wanted to enforce law dare not take any action.

There were few people in L City who had such a special license plate number. Each of them was a huge threat to the public.

Just like that, Richie drove smoothly to the villa halfway up the mountain. Last time he came here, it was also because of Consuela, but this time, it was still the same.

He found himself more difficult to see through.

This time he pushed the door open and came in. There was no dandy drinking in it. Every part of the villa was clean. He was not used to the cleaning in the villa.

He took out several bottles of good wine from the wine cabinet. He wondered who kept these bottles in the cabinet. After pouring a few glasses of wine for himself, he was getting more and more boring.

He took out his cell phone from his pocket and made a call to the Tim who was working hard at the working position. His tone of voice was the same as usual.

"Come and drink with me."

Tim put down the file and scribbled his name on it. Frowning, he asked, "Boss, where do you buy now?"

"Don't change the topic. Come and drink with me." Perhaps because he was drunk or what, his tone was tough and imperious.

After looking at the time on the alarm clock on the table and asking the man's location, Tim hurried to that place.

"What the hell is going on?"

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