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   Chapter 182 The Headline Made Up (1)

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The laptop was inscribed with a conspicuous title and covered in bold red words. The bold title shocked Consuela as suddenly she was mentioned violently.

It exceptionally detailed the love story between Richie and his ex-girlfriend, and it was very sweet, which made her feel a little envious.

After reading three sections, it suddenly changed the subject. The upper discussion nominated Consuela, and put in an exaggerated way to make her an image of a vicious supporting actress.

It also said how she pushed aside Angie's position, and ruined the couple, then she climbed up to the position.

And there was an enigmatic curse that she would never be loved in her life.

On the headlines, her picture and Angie's photo were put together. It was a beautiful picture, making her humble compared to the young girl.

Consuela pressed her lips, trying to hold back her emotions. She watched the article intently, not daring to look back at his face.

The scorching sight fell on her thin back, like an arrow was cast on her body, inexplicably making her uncomfortable.

The title of the news was——

"The mistress suddenly became a legal wife" and "The Xia Clan sold daughter for wealth just to win the bid for the ownership of the Ye Clan"

Each of the words was full of strong sarcasm, making Consuela unable to utter a word.

She dragged the report to the last page. Her lips trembling, she was unable to utter a single word. All she could do was squeezing her lips, glowering at the laptop.

Ever since she knew Richie, Angie had nothing to do with this man. How could she hurt her and be a mistress?

It was only described in the video that she drugged Richie, dispelled all the guards, climbed onto Richie's bed, and did something terrible.

There were also a large number of paid supporters top sticking to those who thought they knew the truth.


rch of Debbie and her. No wonder that she could get together with her.

The man was about to lose his mind when he saw her attitude. Then he threw his dark coat on the sofa.

He stood up straight and strode forward. Within a few steps, he grabbed hold of the woman, who had no intention to run away. He turned her face towards his eyes and made her look up at him.

His eyes were ablaze with fire as if they could swallow anyone. "Are you satisfied with the way to expose your identity?"

Consuela had been stiff as he leaned against her. When she heard him, she suddenly relaxed herself.

It turned out that was all he wanted to ask.

She looked into his eyes, which were as pure as ever, as if they were the reflection of the whole world, leaving each other alone.

She said, "Yes, I do. I just want everyone to know that I'm the wife of the young master of the Ye Clan and have a large fortune."

As she spoke, a big smile cracked her lips. She clenched her fists in secret.

If that was what he wanted to hear, she didn't mind telling him more about it, which would remind him slowly.

Right after Consuela finished speaking, the man raised his hand and was about to slap her face. Stunned, Consuela closed her eyes cooperatively.

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