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   Chapter 180 How Was She Feeling (1)

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Now that Tim comforted her and made her feel better, she was in a better mood. She took out her phone and typed a few messages to Cassie.

The general meaning was that she didn't have to blame herself anymore. Everything went well. She didn't break up with Richie.

She repeated the idea and tried to hypnotize the uneasy woman.

But for Cassie, she did wade in the muddy water for no reason. She didn't have any photos, nor had special hobby to collect photos.

In addition, she had told Consuela a little about what had happened three years ago.

"Please rest assured, Consuela. Richie will be on his nerves in a few days, or he won't let me come here today," Feeling that what he had said didn't work, Tim decided to give her another shot.

The woman's eyelashes fluttered. She pressed her lips into a thin smile and nodded. No one could tell whether Richie was worried about her or the baby.

"Thanks for your comfort. Drive carefully." She closed her eyes and didn't want to say anything more.

Tim didn't say anything at all. He didn't know how to comfort people, but he thought that she was in urgent need of care, so he said more.

He stared at the front of him. There was something unreadable in his eyes, but no one noticed it.

After driving Consuela safely to the villa, he immediately drove back to the company to report. As soon as he returned to his office, he found that he hadn't completely recovered.

He had sent someone to find out who Consuela had contact with recently. Now the man came back, pushed the door open and walked in. The man wearing an unpleasant face reported, trembling with fear.

"According to the surveillance video, I think the most suspicious one she has met recently is the daughter of Li Clan, Laura."

"Although she tried her best to walk without surveillance, we have managed to get her recent schedule report through some means, so that we can face her."

After that, she also put the sorted files and a USB that recorded the video around the tab

h until the two girls finished talking glibly. It turned out to be that there were too many fans of Baron whose power was complicated. Some people could even know who had been replaced by him.

As a result, Debbie without any experiences or power had been overthrown once she took office.

They were probably suspecting whether it was appropriate or not to give such a person such a good opportunity and let the new comers to help him?

No one in the entertainment company answered this question, so the fire of anger transferred to Debbie spontaneously, and they began to consider how important this matter was to her.

Consuela said coldly. There was nothing she could do to help. She felt pity for her friend. It was really because they were so high-profile that made fans too fierce.

"By the way, what's your major?" Consuela asked, suddenly thinking of how she had worked as a secretary before.

Hearing that, Debbie was silent for a while. Then she said reluctantly, "Industrial project."

Stunned for a few seconds, Consuela then turned off the video call. "Bye!"

This woman had a very strong background! Those who stole her information must know her major very well.

On the other side of the line, looking at the vacant image, Debbie raised her hand to wipe away her face. Sure enough, telling the truth was wrong.

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