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   Chapter 179 A Strange Atmosphere (3)

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Hearing Cassie's words, Consuela was sure of the authenticity of those photos, although the photos had been cleaned up by the man.

But those sweet and jealous pictures were deeply engraved in her mind and would never disappear for a while.

Different from the friendly conversation between the two girls, Consuela sometimes comforted her.

On the contrary, Richie, who returned to the company, always felt very uncomfortable. Seeing his constipated expression, Tim who went to his office to report work almost ran back.

What if he said something wrong? This would definitely be another one-sided fierce fight, although he would call it a spar righteously.

Richie looked at the man standing by the door half step away from him, with a signature pen in his hand, and knocked lightly on the table. His tone was not friendly. "If you don't have anything else to say, then get out."

His words sound like a gold medal for an amnesty to Tim. Then he forced a smile and said, "Okay, I'm leaving now."

He could come to report when he was not feeling bad, or he could play a trick to let others do it.

However, when he was about to leave the office, the man suddenly looked up at him with an unreadable look in his eyes.

"You come back first. I have something to tell you."

Tim didn't have to stay in the company, but he had to go to the hospital to drive Consuela home safely.

Tim felt something abnormal when he drove to the hospital. The two must have conflict over the photos.

His boss was not a talkative person. He must be oblivious how to make her happy. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked him to join them.

It was definitely a tough task.

As soon as Tim arrived at the hospital, he went straight to the floor where Cassie was. He was busy with handing over various orders to her, and then waiting in line to pay the bills and other kinds of chores.

Ever since the examination began, the two of them kept silent

th of them kept silent until they got in the car.

"Consuela don't be sad. Richie is a good man. He doesn't talk much, and he doesn't like talking"

"Do you think I don't know him?"


Tim returned to normal and decided to make a good impression on his brother: "Consuela, just think about what he has done to you."

Consuela raised her head and gave him a cold glance. Then, Tim quickly raised his surrender white flag and said, "Consuela, I will shut up. Please don't give me the answer."

"Just drive carefully. It's very complicated. The relationship between us can't be improved with a few sweet words.

But thank you all the same."

Tim shut his mouth, and Consuela turned her head to take a nap. Consuela didn't know how to respond to his words, and she felt better.

She was not as gloomy as she was in the beginning, but she had to feel better.

She was the wife of Richie, not the Angie of the past. As long as she was the young mistress of the Ye Clan, she shouldn't be afraid.

She didn't have to think too much about these things.

What she didn't know was that Tim had put on a Bluetooth headset and had been talking on the phone since he got in the car. The conversation between them had fallen into the ears of the man who was not interested in working.

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