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   Chapter 177 A Strange Atmosphere (1)

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The discussions in the classmates group were gradually stopped, and no one dared to say anything more. They only asked a few symbolic questions and then began to change the topic.

The group was usually not very active, but this time, it attracted a lot of people.

When Consuela was out of the small window of the classmates group, she found that the window of dormitory shaking crazily.

Stacy who always chatted with others and could find all the materials she wanted was chatting with others happily. Then all the online sentences were added to her words.

Consuela stood up and grabbed a glass of yoghurt. Then she checked the chatting records. Most of the messages were about the conversation between Terence and Adriana. They were talking about the romantic stories that had to be told after they got married.

Feeling bored, she neglected it and decided to watch TV.

On that night, when Richie came back, he was not in a good mood. His face was dark which could be seen by the naked eye. She was afraid that something bad would happen.

Consuela had planned to eat alone or grab something else to fill her stomach. But Emily had told her that she was pregnant and she couldn't eat too casually.

When she was waiting for the servant to serve the food, Richie came back. His coat was hanging over his arm. Three buttons of his white shirt were loosened, revealing his collarbone.

He was both coquettish and proud.

She didn't know how to respond, so she tried to compose herself and said, "you're back."

Perhaps it was because he didn't expect that she would say something to him, there was a trace of surprise in his eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

"Yes." His short and long nasal sound made Consuela feel bad.

She was just like moved her face close to him, waiting for his slap. It did hurt.

During the dinner, both of them kept silent. With a darkened face, Richie had a bad appetite. He picked up a pair of chopsticks with his chopsticks and deliberately picked up some food. In comparison, Consuela was such an appetizin

virtue, so long she had endured, not lack of this period of time.

"Well, take your time. I picked up the coffee from Miranda and just wanted to see you."

Richie did not respond. He kept his eyes on her face, as if he was studying how thick a mask she was wearing.

That was why she was so calm and even had a smile on her face.

A smile curved her crescent eyes, which were so deep that he couldn't see through.

"Now that you know I'm busy, why are you still standing here?" The man took a sip of coffee and asked her out mercilessly. His attitude and tone were all annoying.

Taking a deep breath, Consuela nodded and left quietly. When the door was closed, she couldn't control herself and slammed the door violently.

The man's hand, holding the coffee, was also trembled a few times by this sound, and a few drops of coffee splashed onto his hand.

Richie looked up at the closed door. His eyes were vague, as if he was thinking about something uncertain, or as if he was suspecting the right idea he had thought.

Everything was helpless in the end. He took a sip of coffee, turned on the computer and got back to work.

The coffee, however, didn't work. It was even hypnotized, which made him a little sleepy.

After closing the door, Consuela trotted to the master bedroom and locked it.

However, that night, no one came to unlock the door.

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