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   Chapter 176 Careful Words (3)

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Hearing the photo, Cassie couldn't control herself any longer. When did she send the photos to Consuela?

Thus, she was not only angry but also emboldened. With one hand covering her cellphone, she said to the intern, who was sitting in front of her, "I have something to deal with right now. You can go and ask Mr. Liu. Tell him that I mean that."

"Okay, thank you." The intern stood up to show her understanding. After expressing her thanks to Cassie, she walked away and even closed the door carefully so that Cassie could scream louder.

After the intern left, Cassie picked up the phone. She raised her eyebrows and said, "do you think I have no other qualities after getting so many years' cold face."

The cold tone was the omen of anger. Tim frowned. He had just doubted before and didn't think she had done it.

"No, that's not what I meant. Listen to me..."

"No, no, No. whatever you say now is bullshit." She raised her head and smiled coldly, "that bastard, Richie, asked you to ask."

She stated in a statement rather than a question, because she was quite sure that Tim was one of Richie's followers.

"Yes, but..." Before he could say anything, the phone was hung up. She didn't want to scold him any more.

Tim could not help but flutter its eyelids. It seemed that the boss was suffering. When he called him, the mechanical sweet female voice reminded him that the other one was on the phone.

With a twist of his mouth, he decided to make a list of the people that Consuela recently knew and search for them one by one.

Although Cassie had a big mouth, he believed what she said. After all, she had never lied to him, not even once. What a good credit.

When Richie received the phone call, he was scolded in silence. Because that woman had always said that it was okay to be irritable, but not to be able to interfere in other people's words.

He had no choice but to pinch his forehead. He knew that it was Tim who didn't deal with the thing well, so he said coldly to the person on the other end of the phone, "if you don't have anything important to deal with, you can wait for me to and call

er, the young woman on the phone in front of him didn't seem to be Consuela at all.

Well, Consuela, when Mary thought of the name, her eyes darkened. The woman was arrogant the whole time and she spoke so loudly that she couldn't pretend to be deaf. Moreover, she even mentioned how he treated Consuela.

That woman haunted her all the time. After she resigned this job for no reason, she even asked Richie to warn her to do what she should and shouldn't do.

The relationship between the two was really worth thinking.

Her eyes were full of disdain and mockery. She lowered her eyes slightly and left with her back straight.

She swore to herself that he would find out what kind of person she was in the future. And he would get bored of or hate Consuela who was just like a vase.

Consuela was still searching the Internet a lot about the video TV of Baron's early debut. She had no idea what her situation was now.

She was smiling happily, chatting with Debbie who had been with Baron once in a while.

The group of her classmates had a quarrel again after the wedding of Terence and Adriana last time. This time, they were quarreling again because Adriana had been out of the group.

The whole group was talking about this, but they all forgot her husband, Terence.

"It's just because Adriana has been in a bad mood recently. She'll recover after resting for a while," Terence said with a smile.

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