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   Chapter 174 Careful Words (1)

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After fixing his makeup, it happened to be the shooting scene that he was going to shoot. Someone came in and asked with a smile, "Baron, Mr. Liu asked you to go out and restore the scene of jumping into the river to rescue another person."

The makeup artist put away the things in the bag and patted Baron's shoulder with a smile. She thought that he must be familiar with him, so she said, "All the makeup products I gave you are water-proof. If you don't stay in the pool for half a day, you won't be able to take off your makeup."

"Thank you very much." Baron stood up, took his hat and followed the man to the filming site.

When Debbie lifted her leg, she didn't see anyone else following her. She turned around and saw that Consuela was drooling over her. She couldn't help but regret, "what are you doing? It's just a piece of skin, but is it worth it?"

Hearing her words, the makeup artist raised her eyebrows and looked at Debbie.

The make-up artist was around 20 years old. With the heavy make-up, she looked much older than her actual age.

She slightly lifted her thin lips and asked with a faint smile, "who is this lady?"

At first, she had thought that the girl might be a crazy fan of that man, or the leader of some Baron's fans. But it seemed that the girl was not a fan at all.

Anyone with discerning eyes could even see that she was unfriendly to Baron.

Debbie choked with sobs. She didn't expect that this woman would ask her some questions. She tried to say that she was the new assistant.

However, Consuela, who was standing behind her, spoke first, "We work for Baron through the back door. We're relatives of Baron."

Oblivious of Consuela, the makeup artist fixed her eyes on her when the woman answered her. She was pregnant now, so she was embarrassed to ask which family she was from.

She could only smile at her, showing that she knew that well.

After leaving the dressing room, Debbie couldn't help but said, "she will be furious if she sees me serving tea to that man behind."

She had compl


Debbie was very close to the woman and spoke in a low voice, perfect blocking the man in front of the car.

Consuela nodded her head. She touched her abdomen, but she didn't know what was going on.

The less people knew about the embarrassment, the happier she would be.

The road ahead seemed a bit dull and depressing. The car window was open, and the wind blew in, with no strong depression.

It was still early when Consuela got home. It was a sunset. The sun was shining on Consuela, so it covered her with a soft halo.

As soon as she changed her shoes and entered the villa, she saw Nancy, who was in a hurry. The woman reached out her index finger and made a gesture for keeping quiet on her lips.

Then she reminded her in a low voice, "Mrs. Richie, Mr. Richie is losing his temper in the living room. Be careful when you talk to him later."

"Got it. Thank you, Nancy."

Without saying anything more, the woman walked towards a nearby corridor. When Consuela saw the woman hurrying to and fro in the corridor, she was at a loss what to do.

Richie lost his temper again. Why should she be careful of words? Was it because he didn't break out of madness before and Put it off to now?

She was a little helpless. After changing her shoes, she went into the living room and saw her husband on the sofa, who had just returned home early.

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