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   Chapter 172 An Uncertain Man (2)

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Consuela, however, was scared by the dramatic turn and her legs became weak. She put her hand on the doorknob behind her, and with a mocking smile, she took a step back and leaned against the door.

She had seen this man act crazily because of what had happened three years ago, so she felt very scared.

In fact, it wasn't a good time for Richie to pretend to be calm. As long as she really looked at him, she could see the sadness on his face.

It was like a sword, stabbing directly into her heart. Her blood poured out. But no one wanted to save her.

"Then I'll leave now and won't disturb your work." She raised her head and looked into the eyes of the man above her, forcing a smile.

Both of them were not good actors. They would act like a clumsy clown when they lost control of their emotions.

Richie took a step back to spare some room for her and looked at her. She didn't want to stay for a second. She trotted away as soon as the door opened.

She still forgot to close the door. Standing at the door, he saw her running away. He didn't remind her to be careful of the baby any more.

His face was as cold as ice. When she was in the room, she could feel it.

He was just pretending to be calm and composed just now. He was just acting to show her. He was really calm and could talk to her like that.

Compared with the last time, he was far more secure.

At the same time, she also knew that she would be investigated by that man. But that was fine. She could not find out the reason why Laura sent her the photo. That man should be able to do it.

Their relationship had eased for a long time, but it seemed to freeze again due to the photos and was unusually cold.

"How could you be so reckless?" She should have destroyed the photos directly. Even if she didn't throw them to the trash can, she should burn them up.

Then she would suddenly find out there were so many solutions only when the matter was exposed. But it was still too late.

That night, Richie slept direc

the microphone.

He awoke from a long sleep and said, "You and Consuela get along well with each other. It's impossible that you will quarrel. I shouldn't have said that."

The man who was revealed the truth became angry from embarrassment. "Shut up."

After a short while, Tim sat up straight with his eyes wide open. He couldn't believe what he heard? His bark was worse than his bite.

Richie slammed the phone on the table and looked up at the screen. The screen was covered with blue letters intertwined with English.

Exhaling deeply, He wanted to get some cigarettes in the drawer, only to find that he had smoke up all the cigarettes last time.

He was a heavy smoker and would smoke to ease the stress in work or in case of something he wanted to escape.

However, ever since Consuela was pregnant and lived in the villa, he began to quit smoking. And sometimes he just couldn't help himself but smoke. It was an accident last time.

He seemed to think of that woman again.

He closed his laptop, rested one of his hands on his jaw, and looked out of the French window. Then he saw the woman sleeping soundly at the main bedroom balcony.

The laptop was still put on an unknown movie. The colorful lights fell on her body, making her indescribably warm.

Richie stood up and sighed, "what should I do with you?"

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