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   Chapter 170 Dejected

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The man's face softened. He looked at Consuela with a hopeful expression.

He had been teasing her all the time.

"Do you have any plans for the next few days?" Asked Consuela as she tilted her head to look out of the window. The route to the villa was familiar to her.

It was still early, so there was still a long time before lunch time. It was impossible for him to watch a movie or be in a daze for a whole day when he had a rest.

Richie closed his eyes. He didn't want to reveal too much. He said mysteriously, "you'll know when we get back."

The slightly cold and dry hand, like a radar, covered her exactly.

Lowering her head, Consuela watched their fingers interlocked. She blinked and suddenly laughed. Then she turned her head to look out of the window again.

It seemed that the world was suddenly broad and the sunshine was perfect. The thick trees on the street blocked some sunshine and cast dim shadows on the ground.

When Consuela was about to fall asleep, the man held her hand and said in a gentle, warm voice, "we can keep a cat after the baby is born."


"A little friend for you." Richie answered as he had a strange thought in his mind.

"But I prefer dogs. I want to have a golden hair. By that time, I can walk the dog with my child." She was imagining the blueprint she could make in the future.

The man interrupted her imagination ruthlessly and said coldly, "I think you like to be run by a dog."

She was now only a little fat because of pregnancy. When she gave birth to the baby, she could definitely not walk with such a huge pet as golden hair.

Since he was right, Consuela didn't insist anymore. She leaned her head against the car window, and as she was about to fall asleep, the man said, "I'll get a chance to raise a cat and a dog."

With her eyes closed, the woman put on a light smile. She didn't say anything but clenched her clasped hands.

She was looking forward to a bright future.

After they got back to the villa, Consu


In the afternoon, the sun rose and went west. The warm sunshine shone on people, making them feel warm.

Consuela got out of the bed. There was no one in the master bedroom. She rubbed her eyes as she walked towards the corridor, only to see the trepidation on Miranda's face.

As soon as she opened the door and came out, Miranda rushed over as if she had seen her savior, with a lingering fear on her face.

"Mrs. Richie, I'm sorry... It was all my fault. I dumped your bag by accident and Mr. Richie..." Miranda stammered. She was not as clever as usual.

"It's just a bag. He just wanted to... Wait, what handbag?"

The smile on her face hadn't disappeared yet. She asked anxiously, "please don't be so excited. Tell me what kind of handbag it is."

Miranda seemed to be frightened. She lowered her head and trembled. "It's just that bag you put it... The handbag you put on the couch... I'd like to pack up for you... I'm not... "

Her words were not very complete, but in fact, Consuela could hear what she was talking about. The look on her face became even colder as she tried her best to console the shocked girl.

"It's okay. You can leave now. You didn't do anything unpardonable. You don't need to do that."

Well, the beginning of the whole thing was definitely not due to the appearance of the bag.

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