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   Chapter 169 Photos Exposed (13)

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The enchanting illusion and pink heart of the young girl were shattered into pieces as soon as she finished speaking. Putting on a cold expression on her face, Consuela sat back in her seat.

She thought that she'd better keep silent. It was like killing her sense of humor and youth to talk with this man who had poisonous tongue.

Except for this unhappy episode, everything was good.

She was sitting on a hanging chair for two people, shaking. The romantic movie on her laptop was still playing. The wind from a distance was blowing. One of his hands was still on her shoulder.

Every place was perfect.

The next morning, he got up and put on a casual outfit. When Consuela was too sleepy to open her eyes, he went downstairs to prepare the breakfast.

By the time Consuela got up, the man had already prepared two Chinese breakfast and had done a warm-up exercise in the outer ring of the villa.

In a cotton white nightdress, Consuela walked downstairs. When she passed the kitchen, she saw a towel on Richie's shoulder. He raised his head to drink water as his Adam's apple slid up and down along his movement.

There was a thin layer of sweat on his handsome face. He had screwed down the bottle of water before she could respond.

After greeting him in a neither too cold nor too warm tone, he picked up the towel on his shoulder, casually and naturally wiped the sweat on his face, and then went upstairs.

Watching him leave, Consuela said blankly, "good morning."

When she came to her senses, the man was nowhere to be found.

"Mrs. Richie please go to the living room to have breakfast. The food today is prepared by Mr. Richie himself." Nancy appeared out of nowhere. She raised her eyebrows to imply her.

She had been here for a long time and had served Mr. Richie for many years. But now Mrs. Richie was the first woman that Mr. Richie brought back personally.

And now, he had done many things for the first time for her. It's really gratifying.

At Nancy's hint, Consuela walked to the living room. She raised her eyebrows when she saw the fresh

his gaze on her. He must be glaring at her to blame her.

He rebuked her that she thought he was playing a trick on her when he asked Emily to prepare the blood enriching food on the table.

At the moment, he had nothing to say.

Cassie watched the interaction between the two people and she was jealous, but she clearly knew what was behind this scene.

Suddenly, she felt sorry for Consuela.

Fortunately, Consuela didn't know Richie since she was a child. Otherwise, just like her and Tim, it would be a lot of trouble for them every day.

During the examination, she also conducted a color ultrasound examination for the child. The child was about six months old, and its appearance could be seen clearly.

In the picture printed on the computer, Consuela saw the boy curling up his body, his eyes closed and his thumb up.

"Who do you think the child resembles?" On their way back, Consuela asked the man sitting next to her with an attentive look.

Then she heard the man use his venomous tongue again. "As long as it's not like you, everything is okay."

With her eyes widened in shock, Consuela asked with a fake smile, "what if it let you down and disappoint you? What to do if it is like me?"

The man who kept calm from beginning to end frowned when he thought of answering her question. "Then there's nothing I can do. I'll just dote on him as much as I can."

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