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   Chapter 167 Photos Exposed (11)

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Debbie, who had just entered the room following Baron, was so nervous under the gaze of lots of people that she could hardly walk.

"Take it easy. They won't eat you," With his arms around Debbie's waist, Baron naturally knew what happened to her.

Although she wore extremely high heel shoes, she was still half a head shorter than the man. He said in a low voice. From the eyes of the outsiders, it was true that they loved each other very much.

Debbie grabbed her handbag and her fingertips turning pale.

She hoped that her make-up, which even her parents failed to recognize, could deceive others.

She found that since she entered the hall with Baron, some people began to point at them.

Although as one of the top stars, Baron had been exposed to air about his family background. However, he didn't want to hire the paid supporters to deny it.

Baron's mother was so excited when she saw the woman standing next to her son. She was about to cry. Now this lonely man finally knew what to do.

A hint of astonishment flashed through her eyes, and she led Baron's father to the young couple. She asked first, "Who is this lady?"

She sounded a little tentative, but her eyes still focused on the woman in front of her. Debbie was so nervous under her gaze.

"Uncle, aunt, nice to meet you. I am..."

"She is my girlfriend."

Looking at the smiles of the two people in front of her, Debbie was a little headache. Apparently, her words did not stay in their ears for long, and they were directly led by the words of Baron and made her embarrassed.

Baron's mother had forgotten that this girl was the one she had seen in the hospital and emphasized that she looked familiar.

Her attitude now was so good that it made Debbie feel depressed.

However, under the gaze of so many people, she could not directly deny it. She had no choice but to smile gently, and neither admitted it.

Therefore, it was considered as tacit consent.

They were eager to enjoy this warm scene, so Debbie forced a stiff smile. She just wante

true love?"

"Fasten the seat belt."

"Don't change the topic. Answer me first."

The man raised his eyebrows and looked at her. Then he started the car and left. His suit coat was open, revealing the flawless white shirt inside.

"Which one do you think is better, the kidney or the heart?"

Consuela buckled up in a hurry. Upon hearing his question, she raised her head and asked in confusion, "what do you mean?"

"You think it yourself." He didn't answer, nor did he say anything.

His contemptuous expression stung Consuela. She had graduated from a university in the past, but she wasn't smart enough to talk with him.

However, she glanced at her belly and thought, 'a pregnant woman has lost her mind for three years.'.

Therefore, it was not her fault.

It was a puzzling question. The kidney or the heart, what was the relationship between them.

Richie finally stopped the car on the way. When the car stopped and waited for the red light, he glanced at her and raised his thin lips. "Don't you have enough patience?" he asked.

She turned her head to look at the man with a serious face, but there was a blank expression in her eyes. "If I ask you again now, will you just answer me?"

Under the street lamp, the car was driven. The man smiled and said, "Of course... Never."

Consuela pursed her lips and decided to ignore him.

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