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   Chapter 166 Photos Exposed (10)

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It seemed that the matter of the photos happened a few days ago had passed. It was sealed in her heart and she did not want to be mentioned, and the man did not notice it.

That night, Consuela went to the birthday party of Richie's uncle. They invited people with high status and didn't want to be exposed to the cameras.

There were many reporters surrounding outside, but none of them could enter the house to report the news.

The baby in Consuela's belly became big, so she didn't have a good figure as she was in a tight dress. If her figure was exposed to the public, she would feel ashamed.

Not to mention Richie was a man walking with a gust of wind all the time.

Normally, there was no need for a pregnant woman to take part in such a party, but the birthday party was organized by his uncle, and now most people with close relationship knew that he had a wife.

If she didn't show up when it was so easy to brush up, it would be hard to talk about it later.

Well, in the final analysis, she was still worried about Debbie, who was because she agreed to Richie's mother's request, would follow Baron to attend.

Somehow, she felt a little uneasy. Her eyelids didn't flutter, but she was a little flustered, as if she had predicted that something bad would happen.

But she could not speak it out.

"Don't drink wine no matter which one it is served when you come in later. You can just find any drink as you like." Richie who was well dressed with an impersonal smile whispered in her ear.

Consuela nodded her head. Her eyes swept around the hall, but no sign of Debbie. She was confused.

Before she could think it through, the birthday host came, holding a glass of red wine, followed by a woman she had seen in the hospital before.

He elbowed at Consuela who was still in a daze. After being led by the little guy, Consuela immediately greeted him with a friendly smile.

As they talked, all the other people's gaze fell on them like burning fire, which made Consuela uncomfortabl

on her knees. Her snow-white skin was partly hidden and partly visible.

She pulled up her hair in a ponytail. With exquisite make-up, she looked like a fairy in the mirror.

The knife and fork stuck into her face. She hadn't come to her senses until the man took the knife and fork away.

If Debbie kept this status, she would definitely be able to fully maintain what she had just pretended.

"What's so good about them? As for you, you are so surprised that your eyes are almost popping out. And you are so ashamed that you want to disfigure yourself?" Richie, who just escaped from the encirclement, held the knife and fork and made a gesture in front of Consuela.

She came back to her senses. Looking at the knife and fork in front of her, she swallowed hard, feeling frightened.

If he really poked her face, there would be no hole for her to be seen at all.

"I'm just surprised." Seeing what Debbie was doing, Consuela felt like she was the first child in her family.

All her efforts paid off.

Richie raised his eyes and glanced casually at the two people who had just entered the house, not finding anything surprising.

He just put the knife and fork back to Consuela's hands and said, "Take care of yourself. I need to go over there and make a deal with someone."

Well, he was really a money oriented tycoon.

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