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   Chapter 165 Photos Exposed (9)

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Looking at her chuckle, Baron said slowly, "I'll make a request that is not excessive, okay?"

It sounded like he was negotiating with her. His heart was filled with compromise and he just wanted to get some benefits from her.

The woman stopped her footsteps, as if she had thought for a moment, turned around, looked at him up and down, and then turned her head and shrugged.

"In my eyes, your request is outrageous." She didn't think it would hurt him at all. "So you'd better keep quiet and do more work."

The man took a few steps forward and grabbed her arm to lead her to the bedroom. He looked horrible without saying a word, but there was an innocent smile on his face.

"If you dare to take advantage of me, I will make you paralyzed and have no offspring." She panicked as her arm was held tightly by the man.

The man in front of her was a maniac. He did everything depending on his mood. She couldn't be off guard.

"Debbie, what do you think I will do to you?" The man asked innocently, with some temptation in his deep eyes.

"I don't want to hurt you." He looked down at Debbie with a strange look.

She tried her best to stay away from being captivated by his good-looking face. She slowly pulled her hands back, but her efforts were in vain. Although Baron looked thin, he was a man indeed.

She really wouldn't win, if she had a fight with him face to face.

"I thought you shouldn't have done that if you didn't want to hurt me." She dropped her head dejectedly and played her trump card.

No sooner had she finished speaking than he let go of her hand. He lowered his head, trying to see her face but dared not to look at her.

Debbie didn't give him time to observe her any more. She pulled back her hand, directly pushed away the man in front of her, and walked towards the bedroom.

His speed was much faster than before.

Until her hand touched the doorknob, she asked coolly, "what is it?"

She stood straight

la used to have. Then she said with a little hoarse, "You called so early. What good news is it?"

Hearing the woman's firm and recognized words, Debbie raised her eyebrows and said, "Of course. I can do twice as much with half the effort."

But she finally agreed to that man's request. She looked around and saw the most luxurious decorations in the room. The bed was in a mess.

"Okay. When you are free, I'll take you to have a meal." Consuela said with a smile and winked at the man who was wearing his tie.

Or did he do it on purpose? He walked up to her and kissed her on her face. His kiss was so gentle. But his kiss disturbed her sexual desire when she was kissed.

"Consuela, Consuela..." The phone was still ringing. Unfortunately, the call fell on the bed. Consuela watched as Richie went into the bathroom to wash up.

When he was out of sight, Consuela came back to herself. She picked up her phone and apologized to the one on the other side on the phone.

It was not easy to appease the angry woman on the other side, but Debbie said, "See you next time, lecher."

Then the phone was hung up. Consuela didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

She raised her hand to touch the side of her face that was kissed by the person, and then smiled.

Beauty was always attractive.

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