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   Chapter 163 Photos Exposed (7)

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Tim put down his phone and forced a wry smile.

It was easy for him to refuse, and he would never believe what he heard or saw. But he knew that seeing was believing.

It was hard to uproot such kind of idea once it was deeply rooted in one's mind.

"Bang Bang Bang..." There was a knock on the office door.

"Come in, please." Tim exhaled a deep breath and looked at the secretary in black and white suit walking in. After putting up her black frame glasses, she reported the schedule to him.

"Mr. Tim, there's a document which needs your signature, and a client needs you to deliver it in person. The dinner is set in half an hour."

"Okay, I know."

He pinched his forehead, the blue veins throbbing in his temples. Again, he scolded Richie in his heart, leaving behind a lot of work that should be done by himself.

Instead, he was at home with his wife and the child who was about to be born.

After grumbling in his heart for a long time, he lifted the cup of coffee on the table and had a sip. Immediately he felt a little depressed.

Cassie usually texted him or called him to remind him to have lunch. When she was not busy, she would bring him to eat directly.

But ever since the last time she drank and cursed, the relationship between the two had not been as warm as before. He did not have the mood to play up to her, and Cassie should have also felt heart broken.

Sometimes he felt that it was good to live like this, and sometimes he felt a little unaccustomed to it as now, and then he felt depressed subconsciously.

But it was not a bad thing.

Suddenly, his private phone rang. Tim had just consoled himself. He picked it up and answered the phone. His face darkened at the sight of the name.

It gave off a feeling that the sun met the thick and dark clouds, and didn't know when the warmth of the sun would attack him.

The man in the villa put aside his work, smoked half a pack of cigarettes, and sat on the ground regardless of his mysophobia.

He leaned against

d doubt whether she could be oxygen starved.

They left the study together. Consuela didn't ask him why he smoked there, and Richie didn't explain. Their tacit understanding at this time was always ridiculously high.

They were not willing to tell each other their bottom line stories, but at the same time, they both hoped that each other could be honest to themselves. This was contradictory and selfish.

In the living room, a variety of delicious dishes had been served on the dining table. The food in front of Richie was all delicious, and in front of Consuela on the dining table, there were many kinds of nutritious food for pregnant woman.

Looking at the nutritious food, Consuela couldn't eat anything. It was hard for her to have a meal happily. She picked the rice to express her dissatisfaction.

Noticing the change in the woman's facial expression, Richie didn't say anything else. He silently ate the food, with the envious look on his wife's face.

The more she looked at it, the more upset she felt. Finally, she reached out her chopsticks and took a lobster. She yelled, "Are you punishing a pregnant woman's stomach?"

"You should know that I'm not your child's stepfather. The reason why I make this menu is that I want to help you nourish your blood vitality. Otherwise, you'll be the one to suffer from it."

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