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   Chapter 161 Photos Exposed (5)

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Richie pinched his temples. Without saying anything, he just let the woman laugh.

As a result, she looked much better now than before.

However, if she was about to laugh again, he was afraid that he couldn't help but want to slap her.

However, Consuela paid no attention to the man's impenetrable expression. She just laughed out loud.

In such an atmosphere, they drove back to the villa without leaving any trace.

Nancy walked out of the room to receive her. As soon as she walked out, Consuela stopped laughing. The tall, long leg man had the advantage of his own leg, trotting towards the second floor, ignoring her.

Unless she had two more legs, she could have kept pace with the man. At this moment, she didn't hurry to catch up with him. Instead, she walked slowly.

Nancy noticed the strange magnetic field between Consuela and Richie, and couldn't help but ask, "Mrs. Richie, what happened between you and Mr. Richie?"

"Nancy, don't worry. Mr. Richie is just upset." With a smile, Consuela answered the woman's question. Happiness could be seen in her eyes and her eyebrows.

Nancy was about to ask more. Then she stopped asking, she found that everything was fine. Otherwise, Mrs. Richie who always played the role of a rabbit couldn't smile.

Consuela rubbed her nose and went upstairs. When she saw the sullen man, she raised her eyebrows and asked, "Do you feel better now?"

Her look of gloating was too obvious, but the man didn't buy it and began to play the warm card strangely.

"Sure enough, you walk slowly with short legs. I waited so long for you to come here." The man lowered his head to stare at Consuela's thin legs. The disdain in his eyes made it difficult for her to ignore.

"You think too much. I just talked with Nancy about our son for a while."

Besides, he would only wait for three minutes here, too long?

Richie raised his eyebrows and walked down a few steps. "What were you talking about?" he asked

When she saw the man approaching her, she was frightened. She took a

id of being banished from the entertainment industry by his company. For another, he lived an extravagant life, which made Richie jealous sometimes.

Hearing this, Wendy could not help but feel embarrassed. She said, "But it is not easy to explain to your uncle."

She had thought that since Baron was willing to work for Richie, he would show respect for him. But it was out of her expectation.

"Do you really have no idea what to do? You were good friends when you were little. "

"You said it was in the childhood." Richie smiled and took out a cigarette from his pocket, but he didn't smoke it and kept it between his fingers.

When the woman was disappointed, it gave hope. "There's a way."

He let his eyes settle upon Consuela, which made the focused woman instantly sit upright with a grim face.

It was totally in accordance with the atmosphere of Wendy at the moment.

Hearing this, she could guess what had happened, but she was not very sure until she saw the calculating eyes of Richie. She could almost be sure that her thought was true.

'This bastard intended to do something to me, and then let Debbie take actions to capture his cousin, Baron, ' she thought.

As she had expected, under the woman's expectant gaze, Richie said, "Consuela knows how to deal with the boy. She can make him attend my uncle's birthday party."

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