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   Chapter 160 Photos Exposed (4)

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Richie and Consuela arrived at the parking lot of the hotel. Consuela was carefully protected. She enjoyed being held in his arms all the way. When they got off the floor, they were always surrounded by onlookers.

By this time, she would always be a little bit shy. She directly buried her head in the man's chest and could clearly feel that his chest trembled with laughter.

Consuela resisted the urge to scratch marks on his face, but she didn't dare to do so.

As soon as they arrived at the parking lot, Tim got out of one car. The door was opened as soon as they arrived. Richie walked into the passenger seat with Consuela in his arms. He put down Consuela, then went to sit on the driver's seat.

He nodded to Tim and drove away.

"Why did you go to the mall?" Richie suddenly asked in a low voice.

Startled by his sudden voice, the woman who was about to close her eyes for a rest immediately opened her eyes.

She had exposed too much of her shock.

A dead silence of coldness pervaded in the car, as if two invisible big hands were taking the air and trying to suffocate her.

She rolled down the window and wanted to roll it up, but the window was already locked.

It seemed that only answering his questions would she be allowed to do anything else.

She turned her head and looked at him aggressively. There was a faint anger in her black-and-white eyes. "I said I wanted to relax because of the boredom, but you didn't believe me. Then you said what kind of reasonable request you wanted me to make up, so that you could rest assured?"

Everything was faking. She just wanted that man to trust her.

She thought this matter must have been turned over because of her ankle sprain, but she didn't expect to be forced to tell a lie at this time.

Richie opened the automatic navigation mode and didn't look into her eyes. His hand was still on the steering wheel, which was so slender and fair skinned that it was a pair of hands that many people wanted to hold.

Just as she imagined, she thought artists should have.

"Is it so difficult for you to tell the truth?" The

t to continue, he heard a voice, "Young man, you're so bad tempered. Why didn't you let anyone remind you of illegal parking?"

As soon as the man finished speaking, he came here to hand a punishment warrant. Richie was not in the mood to kiss anymore, but Consuela was amused by his childish behavior.

Richie, on the other hand, had a long face. He managed to hold back his fury.

If she laughed out wildly, she would definitely be peeled off by that man.

"Young man, would you please show me your driver's license?" Then the traffic police gave a critical strike.

Hearing these words, he took off the ticket and drove away. Even without checking, he could tell that there was an unusual smirk on her face.

The girl, who was trying to suppress her laughter, completely lost her self-control, asked, "If I put the boot in now, what kind of consequences will I face?"

She wanted to know what he would do to her after she laughed, and then she would control her facial muscles.

However, she really wanted to have a good laugh.

"The consequence is serious. Even if you are pregnant, I can't save you..."

Just when he was about to scare her, he heard the woman next to him, covering her stomach with her hands. "I'm sorry. I really can't help it. What if you can kick me back when I'm down next time?"

So, before the man could answer, there was a woman's wild laughter in the car.

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