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   Chapter 159 Photos Exposed (3)

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She sat up in a hurry and the ice bag slipped from her ankle to the ground. A dash of embarrassment flashed in her eyes as she explained, "if I knew what it was, I wouldn't have seen it."

When she met his half smiling eyes, she blinked her bright eyes and said, "we have been together for so long, you don't know that I..."

"I know your appearance, but not your heart." Richie walked over to get the disc out, and lifted his eyes to glare at Consuela.

"Don't you want your ankle to recover?"

Consuela sat back on the couch and picked up the ice pack. She lowered her head, a little distracted. The man pulled out another clean one.

They didn't say anything to each other. Richie changed a new disc and read the document beside. He looked serious and a little tired.

She raised her hand in an attempt to grab the remote control on the tea table, but the man handed her a glass of hot milk, which he had brought back with an ice pack the moment he left the room.

When she saw the milk, she was still filled with gratitude. But the man took a sip first and then directly put it by his hand, ignoring her hinting eyes.

It turned out that she didn't deceive herself and she was the only one who got it.

She took it over and heard the man's calm voice. "The temperature should be just right now."

With a nod, she raised her head and took a big gulp of the milk. A bright smile spread across her face. She stole a glance at the man. Mixed emotions could be seen in her eyes.

She had been moved by this man, and she was also feared by his other irritable and nervous side. But in any way, it seemed that she was lured to fall in love with him.

She indulged herself in the man's charm.

Hiding her emotions, she held the warm milk cup and felt a little depressed for a moment.

She was walking into that man's trap step by step, like the rabbit in the fable of "waiting for the rabbit".

petition were all bought according to the magazine by Nancy.

"Yes, I like it very much. But I don't need you to buy it." Afraid of being misunderstood, she added, "There are already enough in the villa."

Even if she wore a dress a day without the same pattern, she would not be able to wear it out in half a year.

"The things that my wife wears should be on the front line of the fashion market, not that off-season discount goods from the market."

"Mr. Richie, you seem to be showing off." Consuela rolled her eyes at him.

Just now, she agreed with him, just in order to distract him from the bag. The things in her bag really made her feel guilty.

And she had a strong sixth sense that she couldn't show this photo to Richie or something would happen between them.

Anyway, she didn't have the energy to gamble.

All she wanted was to live a peaceful life with him, which would be best without those who had ever been involved.

Of course, if so, when Angie came back, she should be able to slow down the pains she had been increasing.

Therefore, when she lost a man, or faced any kind of future, she shouldn't flinch or do anything.

If he had to choose between her and Angie, what would he say?


"What's wrong?"


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