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   Chapter 158 Photos Exposed (2)

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Beauty was in the eyes of the beholder. No matter how ugly she looked, she wouldn't make her lover feel disgusted.

Consuela intended to wait for him to say something, but right then, he gave her a heavy slap on her leg. As she lowered her head, she saw the man's beautiful eyes which sparkled with luster.

"Don't ever curse yourself like that again. If it is realized one day, then it's no use crying and shouting."

Looking at the man's straight face, Consuela nodded in agreement. However, the man smiled again.

Just like the lotus in April in the spring, attracted everyone's attention.

"Do you know?"

"Okay." Consuela coughed, trying to hide the blush on her face. She turned her head, avoiding eye contact with the man.

She didn't come to her senses until a while later. Wasn't this man cursing her!

What was wrong with her? Why would she be moved by his words?

After settling her in, he turned on TV and had several magazines and some food delivered. Then he went downstairs to start the unfinished business.

When they just opened the door of the box, the people inside started bragging. They immediately sat upright and rushed to the door.

Although they were embarrassed in the middle of the party, they had to swallow his anger, because he was so superior to them.

The next second, a smart man rose to her feet and left the table. She asked smilingly, "how's your wife doing now? We are all very worried about her."

Well, his wife. The famous golden bachelor in L City had got married in secret?

It was not simple.

Not long ago, he left because of that woman, and brought them down to a low profile as if they were atoning for what they had done. He wanted to treat them a meal as a compensation. Not long after they sat down on the sofa, the man left again because of his wife.

It was imaginable how important that mysterious woman was in the heart of Richie.

reen was loading the disc she just found next to the DV, on which was written the word "fine". It should be more interesting than some youth idol drama.

When she turned her head, she suddenly saw her handbag. It was carefully hung by someone nearby. Her bright eyes suddenly dimmed.

Sure enough, she would still feel guilty.

Richie had a past, which had belonged to his life experience. Was it because she paid too much attention to these things?

Just then, an unquestionable voice came from the TV. Startled, Consuela turned her head around and stared at the video. The heavy scent from the video shocked her.

"Ha ha, you are so funny. While I leave, you are watching children's inappropriate love action movie here alone." A man's voice with contempt came behind her, and she was completely shocked.

Consuela explained, wriggling her lips. She had a feeling that the name on the menu would be... She didn't know how to describe what would happen.

And this time she really did something wrong. The room was decorated in such an elegant way, how pure and innocent could the DVD be placed on it?

As he approached her, she said with a smile, "you should trust me. I'm not a bad woman."

"Really?" He dropped his doubt and continued, "we can do it."

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