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   Chapter 157 Photos Exposed (Part one)

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And all of these started because of her. But when she was in the mall, she was armed to the teeth and she had never been to news or entertainment, so that no one would recognize her.

However, it was a piece of news about this man. Maybe tomorrow it could pull Harry down from the headline

After receiving the instruction, the doctor who rushed in started to open the medical kit. He raised his thick glasses and asked, "Miss, how do you feel?"

"Yes, Mrs. Richie" Tim who was behind the doctor added slowly.

Richie, who was sitting next to her, raised his eyebrows and felt relieved. He looked much better now.

The hardworking doctor raised his hand to wipe the sweat off his face. Looking at the pale and young woman in front of him, he asked, "Mrs. Richie, how do you feel?"

This kind of delay would be still his fault in the end. He was taken away from the table and just was showed the credentials, without saying a word.

Now he just realized that it was a woman who got hurt.

Amused by his words, she pointed at her injured leg and said, "I just sprained my ankle, and I couldn't walk anymore. I don't care much about it."

The doctor lifted the bottom of a trouser leg and looked at her swollen ankle. His face was obviously relaxed. "There is no serious problem. It's just a simple sprain. There is no protection after taking care of it. Apply something to subside the swelling later. Go back to rest..."

The doctor said a few words and then was sent away by Tim.

When the doctor told her that she was okay, she sat on the chair and kicked with the other healthy leg. Then she looked at Richie provocatively and said, "I told you not to go to the hospital. Don't you see I'm fine?"

"Heartless." Richie watched her face, her body movements, and finally said helplessly.

He got up and approached her. Squatting down, he looked at her ankle and asked, "is it still painful?"

Consuela stopped kicking when Richie walked up to her. When he l

t staying alone in a hotel would be a kind of convertible treatment.

"It's just the evil interests of friends. Thinking too much would easily hurt your brain." Richie lowered his head and answered indifferently.

Of course not. Consuela lifted up the toy on the nearby table. It was a rabbit made of wool. It looked like a beautiful doll.

His eyes sparkled with a cunning smile, and from the corner of his eye, he could see the earnest side of his face. He leaned back slightly, so that she could observe him more quietly.

To be honest, this time, in her eyes, he really was a nice man. She couldn't tell whether she liked him or not.

He had helped her a lot when she was in a difficult position. But as time went by, she became more and more attracted by him.

When he saw that her feet could not stand on the ground, he suddenly said in disgust, "It's the first time I've found that your legs are short."

Before the woman realized what had happened, he also raised his hand to compare her distance from the ground, and shook his head helplessly.

"You have no idea. I did an amputation to save a kid who ran a red light," she continued, gritting her teeth.

She lied without making a draft. She also felt that she said it very well. Her little face began to turn red, but it was not annoying.

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