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   Chapter 156 It's None Of Your Business(3)

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When she nodded, Consuela could see clearly that the man, who wore dark clothes, flew away along the wind. Against the wind, he was tall and slender, with the slender figure as jade.

"Did he drive here by himself?" Consuela gradually came to her senses. After the figure of the person disappeared, she turned her head and asked Tim.

When she walked out of the mall, she saw a familiar car waiting outside the door, but he took her in the limousine.

"Over the speed limit, he got a ticket, but he worried about your safety. As soon as he heard that you were in trouble, he immediately rushed over," Tim said with a triumphant look.

That person had left several business leaders behind. Although there was still a chance to save him, it was clear that she was important.

Consuela nodded and got out of the car with Tim, lost in thought.

He just exceeded the speed limit. The moment he walked towards her, she could still smell the alcohol.

After following the man for a few steps, she felt nothing wrong. When she lifted her leg suddenly, her ankle was painful. The muscle spasm and pain were pulled into her muscle and she could no longer walk.

The person who was walking in front of her was not found out that she had left behind. He muttered all the way until he turned around. "Consuela..."

The woman's scream was so distorted that it made his heart sink when he saw the woman curling up not far behind him.

Richie had only been away for a short while, but his life was in danger because of her. He knew without guessing that he would be scolded hard by Richie.

Noticing the woman's sweat on her forehead, Tim felt the same way. "Hey, Consuela, how are you feeling now? I'll call the boss for you. Bear with it."

"Phew!" Consuela squatted down and put on a faint smile. She didn't dare to move anymore because she was afraid that she might be too excited and affect her baby in the belly.

The man

e man's skin through his thin clothes and made him feel itchy.

The moment Richie opened his mouth, "If you say one more word, I'll throw you on the ground."

Consuela seemed to be walking in the cold winter. It was not easy for her to find a pillow in winter, but she found that it was even colder than the ice.

Curling up in the man's arms, she quivered slightly, then closed her eyes and kept silent.

It was not until the man let go of the hand that she stretched out her legs and hugged the man's waist directly regardless of the pain.

The position was so ambiguous that the other two medical artists couldn't help coughing.

Richie froze for two seconds before he continued. He swiped the room card and pushed the door in. "When did you become so sensitive?"

The laughter was like a blazing light that could warm all the coldness.

"I'm just afraid that you will really throw me to the ground. After all, your face just now..." Looked like dark clouds.

Richie's face darkened again. She finally swallowed the last few words and sank into her stomach.

She still wanted to see the sun tomorrow instead of being on the newspaper. The newspaper... But when Richie went to the mall today, he did not disguise himself at all. Maybe now someone had recognized him.

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