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   Chapter 155 It's None Of Your Business(2)

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Consuela turned her head to one side and adjusted the sunglasses, not wanting to be seen by others.

The ugly woman walked a few steps forward, squirmed her lips and was about to say something, but she was stopped by a man brought in by Richie.

Tim turned around and gave her a wide grin, as if he was going to watch a good show.

"What do you want to do? You are so inhuman. Do you think that I, a pregnant woman, should be responsible for the mistakes that others make?"

The fat woman raised her hand and touched her belly. She was still an abomination, but the crowd exclaimed in shock.

Consuela had never seen such unreasonable woman she wanted to explain. However, right at this moment, the man at her side cast a glance at her, stopping her from continuing her words.

"Now that you insist that you have been hit, dare you go with us to check the surveillance video?" He lifted his chin up as he spoke, and the woman followed his instruction and looked up at several cameras.

Clearly, the camera with red light flashing was on and recorded the whole farce.

No one dared to take out their mobile phones to take photos again, but they were still surrounding and waiting to see a good show.

Richie raised his eyebrows and looked at the crazy woman. His face was fair in dark clothes, like a demon. "You like to make trouble, we'll be with you."

"Who knows whether you will cheat or not?" Seeing the scene, she knew that the man must come from a powerful background. If she followed him to the monitor room, even if she was killed without being noticed, no one would dare to say a word.

The woman looked around in silence. When the man narrowed his eyes and was about to say something, the woman hurriedly said, "it's all over today. I don't want to argue with you."

After kicking the iron plate, the woman's face turned black and purple. After saying that shamelessly, she immediately retreated from a crowd of weak places.

Grabbing his arm, Consuela shook her head and said, "she's pregnant. Just be nice to her."

Richie lowered his head

d, "Hi, Consuela."

"Long time no see." Consuela said with a reassuring smile.

"Do you really want me to move you here?"

Moving, not hugging, this brutal man.

In the dim light outside the window, Richie adjusted his cuff, and then looked straight into her eyes.

She looked up at the man for a few seconds and smiled slightly. "I'm going to sleep for a while. When we arrive at the destination, just call me."

As soon as she finished speaking, she leaned sideways against the car and closed her eyes, completely concentrating her attention on sleeping.

The man rotated the expensive watch in the bowl and looked up at the woman. Then he put his eyes on Tim, who was always pulling down the sense of being.

"She is not sensible. Why do you want to go with her?"

"Okay, brother." Then he quickly got up and changed the seat with Richie.

Smelling the weird aura emanating from the surrounding air, Consuela couldn't help bursting into laughter. She didn't open her eyes in response to the man's gaze.

It was a long way to the hotel. She didn't arrive until she woke up from a nap. As soon as the car stopped, someone came to open the door. Richie got off first.

"I need to go inside and make the order first. You and Tim come slowly. Be careful." He looked at the woman who was half asleep and said involuntarily in a voice that sounded unusually soft.

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