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   Chapter 154 It's None Of Your Business(1)

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After those people went far away, the saleswoman blinked her eyes and said enviously, "Miss, I want to recommend you something else."

The corners of Consuela's mouth twitched. Anyway, she was also bored, she decided to wander along with the saleswoman. Since that man had said like that, she was really embarrassed not to buy anything.

Carrying the shopping bags she had bought, Consuela was about to call the driver who had been told to be on call at any time. Right then, a woman bumped into her.

Losing her balance, her phone fell on the floor and she was knocked back for several steps. Before she could raise her head to check the person's face, she blurted out, "It doesn't matter."

When she was about to pick up her phone, she suddenly felt a shadow over her body. She raised her head and saw a woman's face with an arched eyebrow. "How could you pretend that nothing has happened after you bumped into me? Do you know that I am pregnant!"

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and pushed Consuela backwards. The push was so forceful that Consuela was unable to steady herself anymore.

That woman was indeed pregnant, but her aggressive appearance was just too much, and who on earth hit her first!

Looking at the phone behind the fat woman's feet, a shiver ran down Consuela's spine. When she was about to say something, the fat woman began to twist the facts again.

"So what? You have the nerve to hit me and look at me like that? Is this how your parents taught you?"

After taking a deep breath, Consuela said casually, "Miss, I think you're the one who bumped into me and stared at me. What's the big deal with your pregnancy? Don't attack others in the name of morality."

She seemed to be pregnant now.

However, the rude and unreasonable woman in front of her, widened her eyes as if she was deliberately blackmailing Consuela, unwilling to admit that she was wrong.

And for Consuela who looked like a soft lamb but dared to retort, she began to be unreasonable. After pushing Consuela away two steps, she directly grabbed her clothes and said, "You didn't cherish the opportunity

ight, pack up yourself and get back home." Retorted Richie stubbornly.

"Boss, I..." The only sound he had except for the busy tone which indicated that he had hung up the phone. He was a rash and childish man at the moment.

She looked at the tall and strong man in front of her and asked, "Why are you here?"

The man patted her head to comfort her, and then said to Terence beside, "I'll take care of the rest. It seems that your men are concerned about you, but thank you."

He glanced at the higher vocational personnel standing behind Terence, who were as anxious as ants on the hot pot, and directly awed the woman who had been in a threatening manner for a long time.

Terence pressed his lips and loosened his grip on the woman's wrist. He took a step back and glanced at Consuela, who was in confusion. Then he gave the man a defiant smile and turned around.

His men who were running after him gave him a big smile of gratitude and then left. The bodyguards were still controlling the onlookers who didn't know the truth.

That woman didn't dare to overdo it in front of the man who came suddenly. She could only shout loudly, "Is it reasonable for her to run into me directly? You guys should protect her indiscriminately!"

Looking at the woman who was full of dramas, Richie raised his eyebrows and laughed contemptuously.

"It's all my fault. I spoil her. It's none of your business."

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