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   Chapter 153 Fear Of Losing (7)

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Now that she had got the right answer, she started to feel sorry for the fact that she had been hypnotized. Her sadness was like rising water that washed over her body again and again without a stop.

Looking at the woman who was engulfed by the great sorrow, the storekeeper couldn't help but comfort her, "There is really no forgery of these photos. Just let it go. This man is only good-looking, but there's nothing special about him."

He picked up a photo and looked at it in the light. Suddenly, he squinted and smiled, "I don't know. The face looks familiar. Maybe it was carved in some face."

Hearing what the young shopkeeper said, Consuela, who was already guilty, suddenly was woken up. Calmly, she reached out her hand and thanked the young man with a smile. Then she put the money on the table and left without another word.

In fact, there was no big difference between Richie's face and that of Rachel before. If he was recognized, she would surely become the prey of Internet mass hunting.

She had already known about the gossip of L City's celebrities. What was more, she seemed to be one of the serious female friends. There was no need for it to be gossip.

She raised her hand to touch her face. But when she saw the big sunglasses on her face, she calmed down at once. She thought that it was just a few photos. Nothing serious would happen.

What was more, her face was covered completely, which had a certain confidential effect and raised the degree of suspicion.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down. When she calmed down and wandered the way she came to, everything went smoothly in her mind. She didn't show any sign of annoyance any more.

Everyone, including herself, had a history. Let alone a man like Richie. She sighed and shook her head.

But it was really different to know that he had a past and to accept that he had a past. When she looked at the photos, she felt very sad.

Perhaps she was really poisoned by the name of Richie, and she didn't know when she would get the antidote.

She was now in a state of complete depression. Remembering who had sent her those pi

new the man in the lead. He was the bridegroom who had asked her some questions not long ago.

She didn't pay much attention to what had happened after he and Adriana got married. Or she didn't have much interest. She didn't know how they were going on.

Now she saw him. And the man next to her was Terence Gu. With a serious look on his face, he concealed his gentleness. When he was greeted, he would respond with a smile.

Unwilling to be embarrassed, Consuela turned around and pretended to be busy trying to use something there. It happened so fast that she didn't notice the eyebrows of that handsome man.

She had never thought that she would run into Terence in the mall alone.

He wanted to talk to her, but he was still the successor of the Gu Clan, still a family member of the Mu clan, given his current identity.

And the people who were accompanying the patrolling were all shrewd men.

When he left the shop, he said to the saleslady, "Give that Miss a 50% discount for everything she buys, regardless of the price."

"General manager, what do you want?" The sleazy man beside looked up at the man in confusion, trying to see a little bit of glamour from his fair face.

"My old classmate." Without giving a brief explanation, Terence Gu walked away.

Startled, Consuela stopped applying the cream on her hand. She turned around and was stunned. Sure enough, he had recognized Consuela.

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